Monday, November 15, 2010

Miscellany Monday

{It's baaaack...}
one. We thought we were in the clear---sneeze and snot free, but the boogies are back with a vengeance, Gillian Grace has another cold! No big events for us this weekend, we spent most of Sunday cuddling and lounging, trying our best to soothe a clearly uncomfortable Sweet Bean. But amazingly enough, even when she's feeling crummy, GG always manages to muster up a smile and occasional giggle, proving even germs can't keep a good girl down!

{Maybe yes, Maybe no}
two. In the last day, I've heard the same question from three different people, two of which were friends {yes you, Aly}, and one was a random out-of-left field question by a stranger in the checkout line at Target. Why is it that lately everyone wants to know if we're planning on a sibling for Sweat Bean? Must be because she's just so stinkin' cute!

{Am I crazy?}
three. It's been months since I've laced up my shoes and hit the street for a run, but just this weekend I found myself considering joining a relay team for our local marathon in January. Can I really get my groove back and hit my stride in time for a January race? I'm not sure, but I'm definitely going to try!

{Show us your...}
four.  Tongue! Gillian Grace loves showing off her tiny taste buds these days. Just don't be offended---it's all in good fun!

{Home Tour Tuesday}
five. I've teamed up with Daphne from Flip Flops and Pearls to bring y'all a new theme---Home Tour Tuesday, where we'll feature a different home-related topic. This week's topic is: What's cooking? Kitchen Decor and Holiday Recipe Swap. Hope to see y'all back here tomorrow for the first link up! In the meantime, grab our button and get those posts and pictures ready!

{Ho, Ho, Hold on..}
six. Set to debut today, I'm postponing the release of my new line of Holiday cards until tomorrow. With Gillian Grace being a tad under the weather this weekend, I just need one more day to get all the last minute details in place. Stay tuned ---Christmas cards are coming Tuesday (tomorrow)! {And, thanks to my good friend, Laura, I've already got a customer!}

{Royal Blue Papers giveaway has been extended through Wednesday. Click here to enter!}

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Kristin @ Ellie-Town said...

It seems like as soon as they notice you have a one year old the 'when are you having another' questions begin!

So excited to see your holiday card collection. I'm sure they are going to be fab!

Mama K said...

Excited about seeing your Holiday cards and the new Home Tour Tuesday :)

As always, GG is adorable!

Liz said...

Your kitchen is gorgeous!

Lindsay said...

GG has the cutest personality. It shines thru in ALL her photos! :)

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Oooo, I may just have to partake in the 'home tour tuesday posting'!! How fun is that?!

I can't wait to see the cards you designed for Laura's family! Did she tell you about the nightmare it was to get the pictures taken?!

Shanee said...

I'm your newest follower from the Monday Blog Hops! Come check out my blog at:

Have a great day!

Christy said...

oh we are so deep in the cold situation too! it sucks ... I hope your boogers go away soon! I love the new header, too cute!

Can't wait to see your Christmas cards and holiday recipies.

Jennie said...

Good luck training for your race! I miss running so much, but I never found a time of day that worked with our day. So jealous! (And GG looks too cute in that dress and her little tights!)

Susan said...

It must be the temp changes that bring on the viruses. I have 3 kiddos at home with strep this morning and it has started to snow. I don't mind the snow as long as I don't have to drive in it, but having to drive 3 sick kiddos to the doctor in it is just a tripple whammy, so GG is among good company. If ya can't beat em, join em.
Good luck with that marathon training. I know I could never do it. My sister just ran her first 1/2 marathon. 13 miles is amazing. I can run for 13 minutes, but not 13 miles.

Kit said...

Marathon relays are so much fun! You will be so happy that you signed up for it :)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I hope GG feels better soon! I just got rid of my almost 5 week long cold!
Hmmm...time for another baby?

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

haha i love the tongue video! cute cute (yea daddy for capturing it)

yippee to being the first customer! had to hurry b4 you get busy!

can't wait to link up tomorrow! fun idea!

Molly said...

Thanks for commenting girl! LOVE your blog, and your little sweet pea is ADORABLE!

Thanks SOOO much for making the blog button for Aly and I. I'm sure you had a good laugh at our pics, I know I did! EEK! HA!

If you have facebook, you should totally check out my page on there. I'd love to make a shirt for your little cutie! Just look up 'TuTu Cute by Molly' on fb!

Thanks again!

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy, Blessed Wife said...

Go for the marathon relay! You won't regret it :)

Can't wait to see the holiday line tomorrow! Sorry that GG is under the weather. We're in the same boat with Noelle but she's not grouchy anymore, thank God! It was a rough few days!

I have something funny for you. My hubby has been saying that he has some blog material that he wants to post on my blog. Then he says "maybe I'll just start my own - can I have someone set it up for me?" - he was half-joking but I think a part of him is serious so maybe he'll be headed your way!!

Shannon said...

Cant wait to see the cards! Hope GG starts feeling better soon!

Jumping Jack said...

Hope GG gets to feeling better soon. Seems that Jack has a constant runny nose.

So excited to see your holiday cards!

Being an only child isn't bad at all - turned out great for me and Jack will be an only too! Unless God throws us a surprise somewhere along the way! HA!

Ashley E. said...

Hope GG feels better soon!!! Addi has had a cold the last few days too. :( Can't wait to see the new cards!

Jennifer said...

I think it is this crazy weather that has everyone feeling under the weather. I hope GG keeps a smile on under those little boogers..LOL! So funny about the random question. I think people always just assume an only child needs a sibling. So be it :)

Karen At Home said...

I am sorry miss GG wasn't feeling well this weekend. Poor thing. I can totally relate though with what you said, isn't it the case where you finally think you are done with the sickies and then something else pops up? It just makes you never want to leave the house just so they can stay well! So cute to see GG on a video, we have seen so many photos of her, it's so great to see her personality!! Such a sweet girl!