Monday, May 31, 2010

Miscellany Monday

{1} Happy Memorial Day! It's official, summer is here! It's already HOT and STEAMY here in the South. We spent the holiday weekend hanging out and recouping at my parents'. Even the thunderstorms and rain couldn't dampen our spirits; we were just so thankful to have everyone healthy and smiling once again!






{2} A good nurse is worth her weight in gold. GG had several nurses during her hospital stay, but none were as kind or attentive as Miss Val and Miss Dana. I'm not sure how they hid their angel wings beneath their scrubs, but these two women were Heaven sent.

{3} Pitter Patter, GG is up to something. Exactly what that something is, I'm not revealing just yet. But, I will leave you with a little hint...


{4} I'm so quick to judge---Why hasn't she emailed or called back? I can't believe he didn't hold the door for me, what's his problem? Why is that store clerk so unpleasant?---But a stressful week spent worrying over a loved one's health has reminded me to hold off on such hasty judgments, for you never know the heavy burden that others may be carrying.

"Therefore you have no excuse, O man, every one of you who judges. For in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, practice the very same things." Romans 2:1

{5}Beginning today, I'll feature one "Commenter of the Week" on the sidebar. Not only do I enjoy reading your comments, but I feel that they've given me the opportunity to meet {and get to know} some truly incredible women. Your comments have been a source of inspiration, support, and encouragement for me. This is my way of recognizing you and saying thanks for contributing to our little soap opera called life.

This week's first "Commenter of the Week" is Ashley from Sweet Southern Prep. A loyal reader, I can always count on her for thoughtful comments. And just this past weekend, she included Gillian Grace in her weekend inspiration prayer request. Ashley is definitely deserving of her bloggy moniker; SWEET is just one of the adjectives I'd use to describe this Southern lady.

{6} Thanks to Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle for the Sweet Blog award and Heather from Life with the Ardies for my first Trendy Blog award {more on this award later}.



{7} Congratulations Jenn, the winner of my Mimi's Babies Giveaway! Please get in touch with me by Wednesday afternoon to claim your store credit. And, keep your eyes peeled for my next review/giveaway, beginning later this week.


What's on your mind today?

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Friday, May 28, 2010

GG's Home

I'm keeping this short for obvious reasons. And though I'll dedicate an entire post next week to GG's hospitalization, I couldn't wait to share a bit of good news {finally}...
Gillian Grace is home!

Thank you for all of the prayers, well wishes, and kind words during such a difficult time. There are honestly no words to express how much the tremendous outpouring of love and support has meant to our family. I am blessed beyond measure to have found so much comfort from people I've never met, but feel like I know.

Here's a quick snippet of GG playing with Gammie this evening. Couldn't resist including this! If this little lovey isn't proof of the power of prayer, I'm not sure what is. God is good!

And whatever you ask for in prayer, having faith and [really] believing, you will receive.---Matthew 21: 22


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not your typical Wordless Wednesday

My mom always likes to say that God never gives us more than we can handle. This week He has put our Faith to the test, throwing one surprise after another our way.

Monday morning, Gillian Grace was admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Today {Wednesday} we're still here; and thankfully, GG's status has been upgraded to stable. The reason for Gillian's sudden illness is still unknown at this point as we're awaiting the results of a few more tests.


So needless to say, I'll be away from the computer for a few days. Once we're released {tomorrow, hopefully} my only plans are to spend a little family time with our lil' bean in the comfort of our own home.

Wishing you and your family a blessed end to the week and wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. ---Phillippians 4:6-7


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Monday, May 24, 2010

Miscellany Mondays

{1} Apparently it doesn't matter how much hair you have, bad hair happens to everyone. Gillian Grace woke up the other morning with the worst case of bedhead yet. Even after a bath and shampoo, she still looked like Alfalfa from the Little Rascals.


2}Why is it that when our next door neighbors have work done on their house, their workers insist on parking their truck and trailer in front of our home completely blocking in my mom's car and making it nearly impossible for me to pull out of my driveway?


{3}Baby pee is not flattering on anyone.


{4} The oil spill is still major news in our area! Bret has been working hard on Dauphin Island overseeing efforts to prevent oil from spreading across the island should it arrive on our beaches. Large sand dunes have been constructed along the west end of the island in anticipation of the oil to prevent island-wide contamination.


{5} I promise that I really did go to college, but after reading the conversation I had with my husband you may not believe me.

Me: Okay, the ghost is clear!
Bret: What? What did you say?
Me: The ghost is can come out now.
Bret: (Laughing) You know that's not right. It's the coast is clear.
Me: No it's not! That doesn't even make sense. Everyone knows coasts aren't clear, ghosts are.
Bret: Really? Are you kidding me with this? I give up...just don't say that in public!

{6} Gillian Grace does not like it when her Daddy leaves for work. She's currently going through a phase where she'll cry every time he leaves the room. Makes it tough to get to work on time, doesn't it Daddy?



{7} It's Mom and Me Monday, again!



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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Who's calling me F-A-T?

Tracey@ Tales of Little Bitty that's who! But, it's not what you might think. Tracey is a dear friend of mine from my Gainesville, Florida days {Go Gators!}. She has been sweet enough to pass along the Versatile Blogger award, which means she thinks I'm Flexible, Adaptable, and Talented. Pretty nifty, huh?


Now here are the rules:

1. Thank the person that gave you this award.

Thank ya kindly, Tracey!

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

It just keeps getting harder and harder to come up with things that I haven't mentioned before. Honestly, I'm just not that interesting so here goes nothing...

  • We are horrible Netflix customers. Bret and I are really bad about getting a movie from Netflix and letting it sit for months before we actually find time to watch it.

  • I'm a Twilighter, albeit a little late in the game, but a Twilighter nevertheless. Just a few weeks ago we sat down to watch Twilight for the first time. I mean it's only been out for how long and I'm only now watching it? {Told you we were bad Netflix customers.} Is it weird to wish that the Cullens had gone to my high school? One thing's for certain, it sure would've made sitting through AP Biology a lot more entertaining! I can't wait for the next movie in the saga to be released later this summer. Until then, you'll find me hidden behind Eclipse poolside. Pale skin may be becoming on a vampire, but this girl needs a tan!

  • I enjoy reading magazines. With the attention span of a gnat, I need short spurts of information and lots of pictures. Out of my subscriptions---Real Simple, Rachael Ray, Southern Living, Coastal Living, a local society mag, and Us ---any guesses as to which is my favorite? Well, Us Magazine of course! The pictures alone are worth the cover price and with all the vital information I learn from its pages, well...let's just say I could host my own show on E!

  • I talk to my mom at least five times a day! Excessive I know, but with most of my friends at work during the day, I've got to have someone to call when GG has a mega blowout, shoots Cheerios out of her nose, or says a new word! Plus, Mom is my bestie!

  • Roller-blading, smoller-blading, nah-uh! After a nearly catastrophic incident my junior year of college where I almost got a little too personal with a large brick planter outside the stadium, I've never quite recovered. It may be great exercise, but you won't ever find me with wheels where tennis shoes should be.

  • Re-runs don't bother me, but Lord forbid that someone repeat something they've already told me, I'll go nuts! Don't ask, you just can't explain crazy.

  • I cannot sleep well without a ceiling fan. Don't tell Al Gore {you know excessive consumption, global warming, and all}, but even in the middle of winter with the heat blasting I have to sleep with the ceiling fan running. I don't know if it's the breeze, white noise, or a combination of both, but I never have a restful night's sleep without the ceiling fan whirling.

    3. Pass the award along to bloggers who you have recently discovered and think are fantastic!

    4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.

    Now, that's a wrap. I've finally finished all my awards posts. Yay!

    I always love discovering new blogs. If you'd like, leave a comment telling me about your favorite F-A-T {Flexible, Adaptable, and Talented} bloggers and feel free to pass along the award!

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  • Friday, May 21, 2010

    Flashback Friday (and Award)

    Flashback Friday

    Barefoot blondie with a box...{Me in the Summer of 1980}

    Now I know where Gillian Grace gets her chubby cheeks and thighs...
    Like mother like daughter!

    Awards time, again!

    I know some bloggers dislike getting awards and choose not to participate, which is fine. After all like Bobby Brown said, it's your prerogative {or something like that}. But for me, an award is a virtual pat on the back and a huge compliment from one blogger to another. But my attempts to space out my acceptances and posts that go along with these awards has put me weeks behind. Not wanting to seem ungrateful, I'm going to double up on posts until I've sufficiently given everyone the credit they deserve.

    Sorry if you're growing weary of the awards rigmarole, but hopefully you're learning a bit more about me with each post. Sometimes I even forget that I'm much more than just a mom and wife.

    So on to today's second post.

    There's a new Prepster in! Jennifer@ Life with the Lebedas and Joni@ Six Cherries on Top have passed along The Preppy Mafia award. Blame it on my vast collection of all things pink and green, or my fascination with the La Cosa Nostra, but this is the one bloggy award I've coveted most.


    The rules:

    1. Copy and paste the above image onto your blog/website.
    2. Answer the questions below.
    3. Pass onto bloggers that you LOVE and let them know they've been given this award.

    Welcome to the Preppy Mafia! Now for a few questions, you cannot refuse.

    1. Who is your style icon(s)?

    Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock, and Jennifer Garner (Love their girl next door looks)

    2. What is your favorite Socialite lit book?

    I can't remember ever reading a socialite literature book. However, I did see Breakfast at Tiffany's which was a book before it was a movie. Does that count?

    3. Favorite party theme?

    Always a fan of a well-thrown party, I don't really have a favorite theme as long as it's done tastefully.

    4. Go to Halloween costume?

    I'm not a big fan of Halloween and dressing up was never my thing. I know, I'm a party-pooper!

    5. Extravagance you cannot live without?

    Sadly enough, I'd be lost with out my laptop and iphone.

    6. Living person you admire?

    Although there are many people that have impacted my life in some capacity, my parents are the two people that have been most influential in helping me become the person I am today.

    I admire my father for his strength and self-confidence, work ethic and tenacity. He's the cornerstone of our family.

    I admire my mother's faithfulness, willingness to always put the needs of her family before her own, and the way she makes motherhood seem so easy. She is the heart and soul of our family.

    My parents are also the best grandparents I could ever hope for. Watching them with Gillian Grace gives me small glimpses into what it must have been like when I was a child. And, it constantly reminds me how blessed I am.

    7. Greatest fear?

    Losing those I love

    8. Trait you deplore in yourself?

    Gosh, deplore is such a strong word. But, if I had to pick just one trait that I dislike most about myself, it would be that I can be overly critical of myself and others.

    9. Which talent would you most like to have?

    There's nothing creative about my answer to this question. If given the chance to have any talent I'd chose the ability to sing. I've always admired people that can effortlessly belt it out. Although I sing to GG every chance I get, I know the day will come when she figures out that momma can't carry a tune. I'd love to be the person others ask to sing, instead of being the one they're always glaring at to stop.

    10. Greatest Achievement?

    Gillian Grace is without a doubt my greatest achievement to date.

    Now, The Preppy Mafia award goes to:

    Jennifer@Circle of Love
    (I just recently discovered her blog and how can I not choose her for this award with a tagline like, "Just try to break this family circle...")

    Lindsay@ Cookin' Lean like Paula Deen

    Mama Magnolia@ Home of a Magnoila

    Petra@ I Do Declare

    Elizabeth@ Precious and Pink

    Nataile@ Southern and Simply Classic

    Jennifer@ Southern Living Preppy Style

    Marlessa@ Southern Reflections
    (And thank you to Marlessa for passing along the Sweet blog award, another award I'd never seen.)

    Kate@ Southern Belle Simple

    Reynie@ God, Do You Hear this Southern Girl Rambling?

    Congratulations, ladies! And don't forget to click here to enter my fabulous Mimi's Babies Giveaway!


    Thursday, May 20, 2010

    Gillian Grace is 10 months old!

    Dear Gillian Grace,

    It's hard for me to believe that in two short months you'll be one. Where has the time gone?

    On one hand, I'm thrilled to watch as you surpass all these milestones, but then there's a part of me {a big part} that is saddened by the fact you're no longer the little and completely helpless baby that relied on me for everything.


    You are quite the little adventurer, and have an independent streak as long as the Mississippi river. Fearless and stubborn, your dad and I marvel at your ability to persevere through obstacles in order to get exactly what you want. You are great at entertaining yourself, and can play for long lengths with your toys and household items. Out of all your knickknacks, the plastic eggs from your Easter basket and momma's wooden spoon are among your favorites.


    We are completely convinced that you understand the word no and do not care for it in the least. Not only will you stop what you are doing when you hear it, but you now pucker up and cry. I must admit that it hasn't gotten any easier for me to see you upset, but I've learned to decipher your true cries from your attention seeking wails. Like the best Hollywood actresses, you continue to be a chameleon adapting your mood to best suit your needs. I've watched you crank up the charm, cop a serious attitude, ham it up for an audience, and solicit sympathy with those big eyes of yours all within the same afternoon. And though you do have a flair for the dramatic, most of the time you are just as mellow and content as they come.


    You just recently conquered your first cold. I couldn't believe that we made it through the peak of cold and flu season only to catch a bug just a few weeks shy of summer. Despite feeling crummy, I was most impressed with how you handled being ill. Sure you had your moments, but the little bit of fussiness we endured while you were under the weather was nothing compared to the fussing, whining, and crankiness that some parents have to deal with on a daily basis. Even sickness is no match for your sweet temperament, we are so blessed!


    You are so close to walking, and we are just waiting for the day you muster up enough confidence to take your first steps. We can no longer walk to keep up with you when you crawl, you are just too fast! The hardwood floors do not phase you a bit as you zoom from one side of the house to the other. You continue pulling up on everything and still prefer to stand if given the opportunity.


    You've got more moves than Travolta, dancing all the time. Although I'm pretty sure you didn't inherit your rhythm from Grandad {think Steve Martin in The Jerk}, you definitely know how to shake your groove thing. Up, down, jumping, and jiving, you get such a kick out of dancing to Disney's Imagination Movers. I think I could probably sing the entire cd from memory, we listen to it that much!


    It's not surprising that you sleep as much or as well as you do, after all you are on the go most of your waking hours. You're always into something, crawling here, standing there, or dancing around. You are definitely a Southern belle in the making with all your sweet smocked clothes, ribbons, and bows, but you're a little bit of a tomboy too . You love spending time outside, getting dirty doesn't send you into orbit, and you like to play a little rough. You get the biggest kick out of catapulting yourself over our legs when we're sitting on the floor, launching yourself face first into the rug on the other side.


    You love to tumble, giggling uncontrollably as you roll across the floor. Your newest trick, headstands! For some unknown reason you cannot stop bending over, pointing your booty skyward, and putting your head on the ground. Of course you're only 10 months so your feet don't quite make it in the air, but your flexibility is impressive nevertheless! We think it's a hoot how you get so tickled by our cheering and clapping that you insist on doing at least one encore performance.


    Whether we're playing peek-a-boo, chasing you around in your walker, or pinching your cheeks, you love to laugh. You are such a bright light in our lives! Each day we get to see more and more of your personality and love the little person you are becoming. Now with only a few months left before you make the transition from baby to toddler, you better believe we'll all be savoring each fleeting moment.

    You are growing up too fast...

    We love you bigger than the sky,

    One Week Old

    Five Months Old

    Ten Months

    Ten Month Stats

    Clothes: 24 month and some 2T (depending on brand)

    Weight and Height: At your 9 month check you were 22 lbs. 9oz. and 27 1/4 inches tall

    Diaper: size 4- daytime and night time (We'll make the switch to size 5 night time as soon as we're out of 4s.)

    Food: 24 oz of formula per day and 3 meals at the high chair
    We've made the transition to table food. You favorite foods are: grits, watermelon, strawberries, grapes, scrambled eggs, pancakes, buttered pasta, and yogurt.

    Teeth: 2 (bottom front)

    Sleep: Two naps a day, averaging about two hours each/ Night time sleep 11-12 hours (Bedtime 7-7:30/ Wake 6:30-7)

    Favorite toys: Tree swing, tunnel, push walker

    You love: Spending time with Daddy, playing outside, your Taggie (This has become your security blanket, it goes everywhere with you.)

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    Wednesday, May 19, 2010

    Two for One...(Almost Wordless Wednesday and Awards post)

    Wordless Wednesday

    Gillian Grace gives new meaning to the phrase, bucket of trouble...




    Awards Post

    I've been a bad blogger. Over the last few weeks, fellow bloggers have been kind enough to pass along several awards to little ol' me, but I just haven't gotten around to properly thanking them for their thoughtfulness {until now}.

    With several awards to include, I'll do my best to comply with the rules (you know me and my type A personality), but I'm going to have to break up these awards among several posts. Otherwise this would qualify for The Guinness Book of World Records Longest Blogger Post, a title I'm not currently seeking. Plus, I know just how busy y'all are and how difficult it can be to scroll through lines and lines of jibber jabber with one hand, while sipping a Diet Coke (or Starbucks) with the other, all while trying to wrangle your child with the only appendage left, your foot!

    So here we go...

    Britt from Ms. B., Princess, and the Pea was kind enough to pass along the You're Going Places, Baby Award. I was very excited as I'd never seen this award on any of the blogs I regularly visit.


    The Rules:

    1) Post where you want to be in 10 years

    Skinny, rich, and famous...

    Nah, just kidding! At this point in my life it's hard enough for me to think about where I'll be this time next week, much less ten years from now. But I'll try dusting off my crystal ball and taking a look-see into the future. In ten years, Gillian Grace will be ten and I'll be 40. {Did I say 40?! Yikes!}

    I suppose there's a possibility that I'll have returned to work by that time, but what "work" will be is not exactly clear. Although I would likely return to education, I'm not sure I want to go back to classroom teaching. Depending on what happens with our family, there's also the chance that I could still be perfecting the fine art of domestic engineering {quite possibly the world's toughest profession}. And, by that time I can only hope that I've figured out a way to get paid for it!

    Gillian Grace will be in the 5th grade, so I'm sure a great deal of my time will be spent schlepping her around to various activities and helping with her school work. I hope that she and I will have developed a close bond and that she feels comfortable coming to me for anything.

    I can see ourselves having remodeled our current home or having moved, just because our family enjoys taking on new projects. And though it may sound cliche, in ten years I'd like to be almost exactly where I am today. The boring truth is that there is not much about my life I'd like to change. I have a beautiful daughter, loving husband, supportive family, and am for the most part, extremely content.

    2) Pass it on to fellow bloggers.

    And, thanks to Katee @ Not Just 9 to 5 for the Happy 101 Award and Natalie @ Mommy of a Monster (I mean Toddler) and Twin Infants for the Honest Scrap Award. Though I'd been given both awards before, receiving them again was just as flattering as the first time.

    Click here to read my previous post about the Happy 101 Award and here to read the Honest Scrap Award post.

    Thank you, ladies! I appreciate you thinking of me!

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    Tuesday, May 18, 2010

    Feelin' Blue...

    After reading one of my favorite blogs {Six Cherries on Top}, I decided to participate in a weekly photo contest sponsored by Paper Mama.

    This is my photo selection for this week's theme: Blue.


    I took this picture of Gillian Grace wearing her blue smocked bubble playing in her favorite new toy, her blue and orange tunnel that Gammie and Grandad found for her at Target. Knowing how much GG loves to climb underneath things Gammie felt certain that she'd love her very own tunnel, and boy was she right! The tunnel has quickly become her favorite toy! The amazing coincidence in colors {blue and orange} was not lost on us or our neighbors, as many commented on the luck of finding a tunnel in our Florida Gator colors. In fact the only thing more difficult than convincing a bunch of Alabama fans to allow their kids to climb through a Gator colored tunnel, is persuading Gillybean to come out.

    Be sure to head over to Paper Mama's to check out the other blue photo entries and vote for us as your favorite!


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