Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two for One...(Almost Wordless Wednesday and Awards post)

Wordless Wednesday

Gillian Grace gives new meaning to the phrase, bucket of trouble...




Awards Post

I've been a bad blogger. Over the last few weeks, fellow bloggers have been kind enough to pass along several awards to little ol' me, but I just haven't gotten around to properly thanking them for their thoughtfulness {until now}.

With several awards to include, I'll do my best to comply with the rules (you know me and my type A personality), but I'm going to have to break up these awards among several posts. Otherwise this would qualify for The Guinness Book of World Records Longest Blogger Post, a title I'm not currently seeking. Plus, I know just how busy y'all are and how difficult it can be to scroll through lines and lines of jibber jabber with one hand, while sipping a Diet Coke (or Starbucks) with the other, all while trying to wrangle your child with the only appendage left, your foot!

So here we go...

Britt from Ms. B., Princess, and the Pea was kind enough to pass along the You're Going Places, Baby Award. I was very excited as I'd never seen this award on any of the blogs I regularly visit.


The Rules:

1) Post where you want to be in 10 years

Skinny, rich, and famous...

Nah, just kidding! At this point in my life it's hard enough for me to think about where I'll be this time next week, much less ten years from now. But I'll try dusting off my crystal ball and taking a look-see into the future. In ten years, Gillian Grace will be ten and I'll be 40. {Did I say 40?! Yikes!}

I suppose there's a possibility that I'll have returned to work by that time, but what "work" will be is not exactly clear. Although I would likely return to education, I'm not sure I want to go back to classroom teaching. Depending on what happens with our family, there's also the chance that I could still be perfecting the fine art of domestic engineering {quite possibly the world's toughest profession}. And, by that time I can only hope that I've figured out a way to get paid for it!

Gillian Grace will be in the 5th grade, so I'm sure a great deal of my time will be spent schlepping her around to various activities and helping with her school work. I hope that she and I will have developed a close bond and that she feels comfortable coming to me for anything.

I can see ourselves having remodeled our current home or having moved, just because our family enjoys taking on new projects. And though it may sound cliche, in ten years I'd like to be almost exactly where I am today. The boring truth is that there is not much about my life I'd like to change. I have a beautiful daughter, loving husband, supportive family, and am for the most part, extremely content.

2) Pass it on to fellow bloggers.

And, thanks to Katee @ Not Just 9 to 5 for the Happy 101 Award and Natalie @ Mommy of a Monster (I mean Toddler) and Twin Infants for the Honest Scrap Award. Though I'd been given both awards before, receiving them again was just as flattering as the first time.

Click here to read my previous post about the Happy 101 Award and here to read the Honest Scrap Award post.

Thank you, ladies! I appreciate you thinking of me!

And don't forget to click here to enter my fabulous Mimi's Babies Giveaway!



Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Yay!!!! What a great award! Thanks you so so much!!! :)

Francis said...

Thank you for the award!!!

SassySillySpunky said...

Thanks for the award. Like you I have a little catch-up to do with award blogging. I WILL get it done this week!!
PS-Hope GG found her way out of the bucket;)

Anonymous said...

Hello from your newest follower and fellow Southern Momma! :) Your daughter is just precious. I'm excited to follow along and learn all about her.

Reynie said...

GG is so cute playing with that bucket. Don't you wish that we were as easily assumed by such simple stuff!?!

EZ said...

What an adorable picture! I'm glad I have another blog to follow - and by another Gator Alum! What can be better? :)Thanks for following Smyrna Baby!

Henley on the Horn said...

She is one gorgeous girl!!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much....I am so excited for my first award!!


Ben and Emily said...

That series of pictures of Gillian Grace is the cutest!

Tawny said...

Silly girl! Love that something so simple can be SO darn fun. If only it were that easy :)
Congrats on your awards! Love reading them :)

alicia said...

Thanks so much for the award. it really brightened my day in a moment when I needed it. Sorry it took me so long to get back. My computer was down yesterday like all day long! I'm so behind now. If it's ok, I think I'll just stick it in my trophy case right away. Thanks again!! You're great.

Candace said...

Awe! Thank you!!!