Friday, May 21, 2010

Flashback Friday (and Award)

Flashback Friday

Barefoot blondie with a box...{Me in the Summer of 1980}

Now I know where Gillian Grace gets her chubby cheeks and thighs...
Like mother like daughter!

Awards time, again!

I know some bloggers dislike getting awards and choose not to participate, which is fine. After all like Bobby Brown said, it's your prerogative {or something like that}. But for me, an award is a virtual pat on the back and a huge compliment from one blogger to another. But my attempts to space out my acceptances and posts that go along with these awards has put me weeks behind. Not wanting to seem ungrateful, I'm going to double up on posts until I've sufficiently given everyone the credit they deserve.

Sorry if you're growing weary of the awards rigmarole, but hopefully you're learning a bit more about me with each post. Sometimes I even forget that I'm much more than just a mom and wife.

So on to today's second post.

There's a new Prepster in! Jennifer@ Life with the Lebedas and Joni@ Six Cherries on Top have passed along The Preppy Mafia award. Blame it on my vast collection of all things pink and green, or my fascination with the La Cosa Nostra, but this is the one bloggy award I've coveted most.


The rules:

1. Copy and paste the above image onto your blog/website.
2. Answer the questions below.
3. Pass onto bloggers that you LOVE and let them know they've been given this award.

Welcome to the Preppy Mafia! Now for a few questions, you cannot refuse.

1. Who is your style icon(s)?

Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock, and Jennifer Garner (Love their girl next door looks)

2. What is your favorite Socialite lit book?

I can't remember ever reading a socialite literature book. However, I did see Breakfast at Tiffany's which was a book before it was a movie. Does that count?

3. Favorite party theme?

Always a fan of a well-thrown party, I don't really have a favorite theme as long as it's done tastefully.

4. Go to Halloween costume?

I'm not a big fan of Halloween and dressing up was never my thing. I know, I'm a party-pooper!

5. Extravagance you cannot live without?

Sadly enough, I'd be lost with out my laptop and iphone.

6. Living person you admire?

Although there are many people that have impacted my life in some capacity, my parents are the two people that have been most influential in helping me become the person I am today.

I admire my father for his strength and self-confidence, work ethic and tenacity. He's the cornerstone of our family.

I admire my mother's faithfulness, willingness to always put the needs of her family before her own, and the way she makes motherhood seem so easy. She is the heart and soul of our family.

My parents are also the best grandparents I could ever hope for. Watching them with Gillian Grace gives me small glimpses into what it must have been like when I was a child. And, it constantly reminds me how blessed I am.

7. Greatest fear?

Losing those I love

8. Trait you deplore in yourself?

Gosh, deplore is such a strong word. But, if I had to pick just one trait that I dislike most about myself, it would be that I can be overly critical of myself and others.

9. Which talent would you most like to have?

There's nothing creative about my answer to this question. If given the chance to have any talent I'd chose the ability to sing. I've always admired people that can effortlessly belt it out. Although I sing to GG every chance I get, I know the day will come when she figures out that momma can't carry a tune. I'd love to be the person others ask to sing, instead of being the one they're always glaring at to stop.

10. Greatest Achievement?

Gillian Grace is without a doubt my greatest achievement to date.

Now, The Preppy Mafia award goes to:

Jennifer@Circle of Love
(I just recently discovered her blog and how can I not choose her for this award with a tagline like, "Just try to break this family circle...")

Lindsay@ Cookin' Lean like Paula Deen

Mama Magnolia@ Home of a Magnoila

Petra@ I Do Declare

Elizabeth@ Precious and Pink

Nataile@ Southern and Simply Classic

Jennifer@ Southern Living Preppy Style

Marlessa@ Southern Reflections
(And thank you to Marlessa for passing along the Sweet blog award, another award I'd never seen.)

Kate@ Southern Belle Simple

Reynie@ God, Do You Hear this Southern Girl Rambling?

Congratulations, ladies! And don't forget to click here to enter my fabulous Mimi's Babies Giveaway!



Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Oh my goodness!!! GG looks JUST like you when you were little!!!!!! So cute!!!! :)

Congrats on your award!!!! Happy Friday!

Melissa said...

Apart from the hair the resemblance is amazing!!

Bree said...

Love those chubby legs :)- cute!

I Do Declare said...

1. GG does look so much like you!!! 2. I'm so excited to be in the mob - hee! Thank you for the award!!!!! Happy Friday!

Southern Loves said...

Thanks SO much!!! LOVE the pic!! :-D

Jennifer said...

So excited...thanks for much for my 1st award. Congrats to you on all of yours as well. And I love the pic of you when you were little...GG looks just like you.
Too cute.

Sweet Southern Prep said...

I love chubbyness! My first daughter was a little chubster too! Such a sweet photo of you, Pepsi box and all. :) Congrats on your award. I love Reese too!!

Reynie said...

Lovin' the chubbiness! My little one has the same thing going. I want to nibble on it! haha Also, thanks for the award! I'll be sure to pass it on!

liz said...

At some previous post, with a pic of your husband, I thought GG looked just like him. But seeing this photo, it's really YOU who is resembles (and I'm not talking about the thighs!)

Congratulations on your awards and have a great weekend!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Wow, GG looks just like you!!! I love the old Pepsi box in that pic.

Joni said...

Like twins! I just think you were the cutest! Definitely why GG is as adorable as she is. Like Mother like Daughter. Only one of my children look like me as a wee one. All the rest look like their dad. And all of them looked like each other as some point. I have pictures that I regret not writing info on the back of because I can't tell my children apart.

Writing Without Periods! said...

What a darling photo. I love Flashback Friday. Thanks for the grin.

Candace said...

My goodness she looks so much like you!