Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We're Back...(Part 2)

It seems as though not a day passes that Gillian Grace isn't doing something new, and the last few weeks were no exception.

What began as a yoga move (booty up, legs straight, head down) quickly transitioned into a tummy scoot, and before long became the real deal. Gillian Grace is crawling! She started crawling and has been on the move ever since. The only time GG is still is when she's sleeping, and if you've ever seen her sleep, you'd know that's even a bit of a stretch. Our munchkin is on the go 24/7! By the end of the day, Mommy Gillian Grace is one tired girl!

I'm so flexible!


Tummy Scoot

New Foods

So far Gillian Grace hasn't met a food she didn't like. Okay, well maybe that's not totally accurate. We quickly learned that green veggies, sweet peas in particular, are her kryptonite. And, to be honest after peeling back the seal and taking a whiff myself, I can understand why. Yuck!

Since turning 7 months, GG has been enjoying the increased portion size and variety of Gerber's stage 2 fruits and veggies. Trying to expand her palate just a tad, I picked up some macaroni and cheese one day while grocery shopping. After all, what kid doesn't like mac n' cheese? Well, that would my kid! Gillybean was definitely not a fan of Gerber's take on the classic dish. Three bites into dinner, GG decided she'd had enough and was D-O-N-E!


When I first took a bite, I wasn't so sure...


But, I soon figured out...


That I don't like mac n' cheese!

New Threads

Gillian Grace inherited a jacket that I wore as a baby. It's not the brand of the jacket, nor the style that makes this jacket special. It's the fact that my Dad purchased this jacket for me while he was away on a business trip nearly 30 years ago. As I'm sure is the case in most families, my Dad would rather take a beating than go shopping, much less clothes shopping. So for him to actually have picked something up for his little girl on his own was pretty special. Growing up in Florida, you can count on one hand the number of times I actually got to wear the jacket. The jacket was even loaned to cousins in Virginia and then was eventually returned (and not in the condition it was given) to our family. After being professionally laundered it was put away. Then along came Miss Gillian Grace, and the jacket got a new owner. Dad was so excited to pass along this jacket to Gillian and fortunately with a colder than average winter, she's had plenty of opportunities to wear it. Isn't it funny how one little jacket can mean so much?


I love making Grandad laugh!


Just the two of us...


Snug as a bug in a rug...

Pulling Up
Not only is GG a crawling machine, but she is pulling up on absolutely everything. She is very adventurous and unfortunately, fearless! Good thing is she's pretty resilient. I think the spills and bumps cause more pain for Mommy than GG.

Meet the Neighbors
While playing outside at my parents', Gillian Grace got a chance to meet the little girl that lives next door. I'm not sure what it is about children, but GG is instantly captivated by anyone under 4 feet.


Gillian Grace first meets Kenzie.


I think the fascination is mutual.

So those are the highlights from the past few weeks. And, yes I do consider all these moments highlights. Being a first time stay at home mom, my child is my life. My world is considerably small, revolving mostly around my daughter, husband, and family. For some it may seem mundane and uninteresting, but for me I couldn't imagine a life more fulfilling.

What are the highlights in your life?


Tracey said...

Love the mac n' cheese pics! She is too cute! Glad to see baby girl is doing so well. :)

The Ross Family said...

Ditto!!! I have the same highlights as you my friend!

Krysta said...

I was just catching up on your blog! Your daughter is so cute! I love the heart blanket or sheet that I see in some of the pics, where did you get it? Arianna isn't crawling yet. Not even really interested in it at all, haha. Love the blog!