Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Life on hold...

For days Gillian Grace has not been herself. Not normally a needy baby, Gillian Grace has been clinging to me like Kate Gosselin to fame, leaving me little time for anything else.

At this point we're still not totally 100% certain what is causing this change. We were able to rule out ear infection by gently putting pressure on each ear and since she still seems to have an appetite we can only assume it's not a stomach ache. With not much of a stuffy nose we don't think it's a cold, which leaves us with...drum roll please, TEETHING!

Of course, we've been thinking she was teething off and on for several weeks now. She's shown all the tell tale signs of teething for a while now, but late last week she added crankiness and intermittent sleep to the list of symptoms. I was able to sneak a peek inside GG's mouth and noticed that her bottom front gums are very white. Could teeth be just below the surface?

I've read just about everything I can get my hands on about teething and unfortunately it looks like it's more of a waiting game than anything else. Not exactly music to my ears. We're doing all we can to take the edge off the pain (infant Tylenol, frozen teethers, Baby Orajel, you name it), but it just breaks my heart knowing that Gillybean is uncomfortable.

So for now, life is on hold. The new blog design is still in the works and I've got tons to post from our week hiatus but it will all have to wait until things return to normal (whatever that is) around here.


Nope, no teeth yet!


Mrs. B said...

We are right there with you...just waiting for that tooth (or dare I say teeth) to pop through. Hang in there!

Sera said...

I wanted to stop by and check out your blog after reading the comment you left on mine - thank you!

Your baby is SO adorable! Those days of teething are the absolute pits. I hate that feeling of knowing that they are in pain and doing everything you can to soothe them, and even then - they still hurt sometimes. Here's to a good night's sleep for all of you. :)