Monday, March 29, 2010

"Not Me" Monday

Since I'm under no illusions that I'm leading a life even close to perfection, I loved the concept of this meme started by the infamous MckMama. "Not Me!"Monday is a way of revealing, rather publicly, imperfections or mistakes you'd rather sooner forget. We all have 'em, those moments that leave us asking ourselves, "Did I really just do that?" so don't be afraid to share and let others laugh right along with you.

It was not me that fell fast asleep before nine o'clock on Friday night. Yes, Friday night! And it was not me that slept diagonally across the bed for much of the night only to wake up to find my husband clinging to the edge of the bed for dear life. And I most certainly did not shake kick gently tap him awake just to put an end to the jackhammer like snoring that was coming from his direction so I could go back to sleep. Nope, not me!

It was not me that pretended to check the mail just to ease drop on a neighbor's conversation out in the street after spying on them through my kitchen window.

It was not me that struggled to complete household chores again and again this weekend. I did not pour nearly an entire container of infant formula into a bottle before realizing that it did not have a bottle liner in it. And I did not start a load of laundry only to forget about it until the next morning.

It was not me that sat glued to my television Saturday nervously watching the final game of the evening, WVU vs. Kentucky. And it's not me that has family from West Virginia and parents that are WVU grads, that will proudly say this, "GO Mountaineers!" And I will not watch the game next Saturday against Duke with my fingers over my eyes.

And lastly, it was definitely not me that asked my husband to smell GG's diaper knowing full well she had just finished a major BM and needed changing. I would never do such a thing, right?!

What have you not been up to lately?