Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day

Schools are closed.

Government offices are shut down.

People were told to stay off the roads.

They said it would snow...

And it did!

Here in the South we don't see much of the white stuff and when we do it's truly a momentous occasion. Local news channels have been tracking this "Winter Storm" for days and this morning all regularly scheduled broadcasts were preempted by the local crews on location reporting about the eminent snowfall. We watched as the snow began north of us and then slowly continued southward. Here in Mobile, the snow began to fall around ten this morning and it was a sight to behold. I'm sure people in the Northeast will disagree, but for this Southern girl, there's just something magical about snow. Just about the time Bret pulled in the driveway from work, Gillian Grace (sensing the excitement in the air, I'm sure) awoke early from her morning nap. As a family, we bundled up and ventured outside with the snow still falling.

God is good...

The snow is just beginning...

Daddy's little snow bunny!

Mommy's little snow angel!

Brothers (and former students) Harris and Noah have a snowball fight in our front yard.