Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My mom sent me a link to this clip from the Bonnie Hunt Show of five year old Savannah's phone call to 9-1-1 after her father began experiencing chest pains. If you are like me, not wanting to see another depressing story (there's enough of that on the evening news), then you are in luck! This is an amazing, even comical at times, story complete with happy ending. At 30 years old, I can only hope that I would be able to maintain my composure as well as little Savannah. I'd say she's more like 5 going on 45. Even though Gillian Grace hasn't even uttered her first word, I made a mental note to be sure to teach her the importance of knowing what to do in an emergency situation.

Fingers crossed that we'll never encounter a need for calling 9-1-1 in our lives, but here's hoping that we'll be as level headed as Miss Savannah if we do.


The Ross Family said...

That was a great video!

Your blog is too cute! It's nice to see some Gators amongst this Crimson Tide crazed state! :) I must admit though, that my hubs is the UF alum, and I graduated from UCF.