Monday, February 15, 2010

Silly Gilly

A few weeks back Gillian Grace discovered a new talent, blowing raspberries. I've been told by other Moms as well as our doctor that once she learns a new trick, she'll likely repeat it...often! And GG has definitely proven that to be true---she practices all the time! She loves blowing raspberries in the bath, while playing in her exersaucer, even while napping! But her favorite time to practice her new skill has to be during meal time.

Of course.

Gillian Grace thinks it's a hoot to blow a raspberry just as soon as she's received a mouthful of food. She giggles and smiles as she watches Mommy and Daddy frantically race to cover her mouth in a futile attempt to contain the mess. At six months, "no" clearly has little meaning because seconds after hearing those words leave my mouth, I'm covered in splatter... AGAIN! Now I've been sneezed on before while feeding her and that too can be messy. But unlike a raspberry a sneeze has warning signs. A raspberry comes from out of no where and its duration is hard to gauge. It could be short or a marathoner, guaranteed send every last bit of food flying. Have you ever tried getting sweet potatoes out of your hair? Not fun!

As you'll see in the video once GG gets going, she's a raspberry blowing machine. Standing beside her while she practices is a bit like sitting in the Shamu splash zone at Sea World. You are guaranteed to get wet!