Friday, February 5, 2010

Senior Bowl Saturday

Last Saturday was the Senior Bowl. Bret and Dad had tickets thanks to Jim, a friend and fellow Gator. Ask either Dad or Bret to describe their first Senior Bowl and they can sum up their experience in one word, C-O-L-D! With temps so chilly, Dad didn't hesitate to accept Bret's offer to share his hat. With overcast skies and a brisk Northern wind, temps didn't reach the 40s as predicted earlier in the week. Even though we didn't get to meet former Gators Tim Tebow and Riley Cooper at the Gator Club party last Thursday, Bret did get the opportunity to see them in action during the game. Even with big names like Tebow and Alabama's own Terrance Cody on the South's roster, they still didn't have what it takes to pull of a victory. The South lost 13-31 to the North.

Riley Cooper during warm-ups.

Tebow and former West Virginia quarterback, Jarrett Brown, get in a little pre-game practice.

Does this even need a caption?

POPsicle (Get it? It's my dad and it's cold...hehehe)