Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bottoms Up

After being told at our 6 month check-up that we could begin introducing juice into Gillian Grace's diet, I rushed out and purchased a few sippy cups. I spent quite a while in Target trying to decide which of the dozens of cups would be best for GG and ended up purchasing the The First Sipster Cup by Playtex. Gillian Grace has used Playtex collapsible bottles since they were first suggested to us after we struggled with bottle feedings, so Playtex has become a brand that I trust. I like that the sipster has a soft spout for GG's sensitive gums and double handles making it easier for her little hands to grasp. I can also attest that they live up to their 100% spill-proof, leak-proof, break-proof billing, as she's dropped (or thrown, take your pick) this cup numerous times since first getting her hands on it. Gillian Grace has not only discovered a taste for juice and water, but she's also learned that it's highly entertaining to watch Mommy bend over, crawl, and chase things that she tosses to the floor...repeatedly.