Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Orange and Boo

Long overdue, a week ago Thursday was our first "date night." Having only left the Little Misses for brief snippets, this was to be our first time out without her for an extended period of time. Gammie and Grandad came over to babysit while Bret and I headed downtown to our local Gator Club's party honoring UF players Tim Tebow and Riley Cooper. Tebow and Cooper were in town for the Senior Bowl, a traditional football game played here in Mobile featuring NFL bound college seniors. Amid the rampant rumors of a Tebow illness, we'd heard through the grapevine earlier in the week that Tim was a lock for the party Thursday. Then an email arrived informing us that Tebow had a conflict (a NFL interview) and would not be able to attend. Sniff, sniff! Disappointed, we decided to continue with our plans. After all, Riley Cooper would still be at the party, right?! WRONG! Shortly after arriving to the party Thursday evening, we were informed that Cooper's agent called and backed out for reasons unknown. Humph!

With the night on the verge of becoming a complete disaster, Bret and I said our goodbyes and hit the road. With implicit instructions from Grandad not to return before three hours, Bret and I tossed around a few ideas and decided to grab a bite to eat. We ended up at our favorite pizza joint, The Mellow Mushroom. Over dinner Bret and I laughed about our luck, or should I say lack there of? Let's see---we've been rained out of more outdoor events than I can count, evacuated from a Bon Jovi concert due to a bomb threat, run a half marathon during record breaking freezing temperatures in Orlando (17 degrees), and vacationed in the British Virgin Islands during the islands' worst mosquito infestation in nearly 50 years! As they say, if it weren't for bad luck, we wouldn't have any luck at all. But with a loving supportive family, a beautiful healthy baby girl, and a comfortable place to lay our heads at night, we began to think that maybe, just maybe, we weren't so unlucky after all. We're not rushing out to buy lotto tickets or book a room in Vegas just yet, but we just may be some of the luckiest, if not blessed, people in the world!

The sky over downtown Mobile was a beautiful Orange and Blue (Go Gators!) on our way to the Gator Club party. Evidence once again that God really does has a sense of humor.


Bret Webb said...

Oh well... we didn't get to meet Tebow and Cooper, but we still had fun.