Friday, October 2, 2009

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

On Wednesday, Gillian and I took Gammie out to lunch for her birthday. Since it was her big day, we allowed her to choose the restaurant. Gammie chose the Chat-A-Way Cafe, a local restaurant about a block from our home in Springhill. Chat-A-Way has been a favorite of Gammie's since we first moved here a couple of years ago.

When we first arrived and were seated Gillian was bright eyed and bushy tailed, soaking in the all the new sights and sounds. After getting a lay of the land, Gillian succumbed to the Sandman and fell fast asleep. In spite of the bustling sounds of a busy restaurant at noontime, Gillian slept peacefully. Even the loud clanking of silverware and dishes as the bus boy cleared the neighboring table didn't rouse her from her sleep. Whether it's static on a radio, the blow dryer, vacuum, lawn mower, hum of the car engine, or the cacophony of voices at a restaurant, the white noise seems to soothe and settle Gillian Grace.

Satisfied after our delicious lunch, we hit the town for a little shopping with our sleeping beauty before Gammie had to head back to Pensacola. Gammie, Gillian, and I look forward to our weekly get-togethers, and hope that they will become a tradition that we'll continue throughout Gillian's childhood. Three generations of women together and enjoying each other's company---pretty special!

Gammie and Gillian lunching at The Chat-A-Way Cafe on Wednesday. See, Gillian's eyes are open, shocking I know.

Sleeping Beauty

Yummy! Mom enjoyed gumbo and a tuna sandwich while I had chicken dumpling soup and a french dip.