Friday, October 16, 2009

Jumpin' Gillybean

As each day passes, Gillian becomes more inquisitive, expressive, and active. Although thankful that she's surpassing all the age related milestones, her constantly evolving personality has me stumped on ways to keep her stimulated. Not one for just laying around on her back, Gillian much prefers to sit or stand (with a little help of course). Willing only to tolerate tummy time in short spurts, Gillian was quick to lose interest and turn fussy. Wanting a toy that not only would entertain her, but also promote growth and strengthening of her limbs, I began to do a little research online. After reading a fellow Mommy blogger's stellar review of Evenflo's Jump n' Go one evening, I just had to have one for our lil' Gillybean. Never having been known for my patience when there's something I want, Bret and I set out that evening for Babies R Us with the singular goal of purchasing this new toy.

After owning the Jump n' Go for only two days, I honestly cannot imagine life without it. Gillian is totally enamored with our latest purchase---cooing and giggling, bouncing and wiggling, playing and learning. Watching her go makes me wish they made these things for adults! At the risk of sounding like an infomercial, this toy is a lifesaver! It's small, portable, and able to hang from any door frame molding. As if Gillian's positive reaction to the Jump n' Go weren't enough, this toy actually may have helped to improve my marriage. You see, until the Jump n' Go my showers were just that---JUMP in, spin around, and GO. I had barely enough time to suds up let alone shave my legs. Although Bret never actually said anything to me, the extra layers of clothing and ever increasing pillow barrier between us at bedtime were good enough indications that he was growing tired of sleeping beside Sasquatch. With Gillian in the Jump n' Go, I was able to take a shower lasting longer than five minutes! Not only was I able to ditch the 2 in 1 for shampoo and conditioner in separate bottles, but I had enough time to shave the winter coat I'd been growing on my legs. My apologies for any offended by my tales of personal hygiene whoas, but it's my reality and it ain't pretty!

The Jump n' Go was a great investment! Able to accommodate infants up to 25 lbs., this toy will find its place in our doorways for many weeks to come before being replaced by the latest and greatest new gizmo. It goes without saying that the Jump n' Go gets two enthusiastic thumbs up from Bret and me and drool covered fist bump from Miss Gillian.

Gillian helps Daddy put the Jump n' Go together.

Hmmm, what is this?

Yummy, something new to chew on.

GG's pudgy little legs, how cute!

Look, she does have hair although we're still uncertain what color it will be.

She loves her Jump n' Go!

What an angel!