Monday, October 5, 2009

A New Favorite

To this point, Gillian has expressed little interest in television. Giving it nothing more than an occasional unintentional glance, we weren't sure if she was old enough, at just ten weeks, to maintain focus on a particular show, let alone gain enjoyment from it. As though in an effort to put an end to her parents' suppositions, Gillian surprised both Bret and me one evening by being captivated by Wheel Of Fortune. She seemed to find the clickety-clack of the spinning wheel combined with its bright colors spinning like glass in a kaleidoscope mesmerizing. After learning that Gillian was capable of being entertained by a television show, we recently added several children's shows to our morning routine.

We began with the classic, Sesame Street. Gillian's eyes grow big like saucers when Elmo comes on the screen. She smiles and coos every time Elmo talks, sings, or laughs. Her affection for the lil' fuzzy red guy could have something to do with Gammie's Elmo laugh. Gillian will laugh out loud at Gammie's spot on Elmo impression.

Just today we watched a new show on Disney called Jungle Junction. With wheels instead of feet, the animals roll around the jungle like automobiles. Instead of an elephant, there's EleVan, a blue van with a trunk and big ears. The animals even have brake lights on their backsides that light up when they roll to a stop. All the characters work together to solve problems. There's singing and an audience participation component that I'm sure Gillian will enjoy as she grows.

Gillian's favorite morning show, Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse on the Disney Channel---bar none! She seems to love all the characters, especially Mickey. The highlight of the show for me is the Hot Dog dance. After watching this show only twice, it seems that the characters perform this dancing routine at the end of each episode (at least I hope they do). I look forward to the day when Gillian will be able to join me as we sing and dance along with Mickey Mouse and all his friends.

Gillian loves watching Mickey's Clubhouse in her swing.