Friday, June 5, 2009

Getting closer!

Today marks Week 33 for me...only a few more weeks left in Month 8!

At our prenatal check-up last week, Dr. Helen measured my belly and we were told that Gillian was measuring 35 weeks ( I was 32 wks. at the time of that appointment). After asking if Gillian's size meant a possible earlier due date, Dr. Helen explained that she was not changing my due date but rather that her size at that current date was that of a baby at Week 35. She's healthy and could be here on, before, or after July 24th---we'll just have to wait and see! Depending on when Gillian decides to make her debut, Dr. Helen once again brought up the idea of a Cesarean section. I trust her and know that together we will make a decision that is in my best interest. Next Thursday at our appointment we'll get another ultrasound to check Gillian's size once again to get a more accurate measurement.

Space is definitely becoming a premium inside my belly as I can feel Gillian from once side to the other. She's becoming increasingly more active and seems to prefer to exercise when I try to rest---probably her way of preparing me for the hours of lost sleep to come! It has taken me a while to identify Gillian's various movements but now I'm fairly confident in distinguishing between kicks, punches, and hiccups. Gillian gets the hiccups quite frequently, in fact she gets them practically everyday. Although hiccups are a completely different sensation than a kick or roll, it took sitting in the ultrasound room and actually viewing Gillian's diaphragm for me to confirm that the frequent twitches I felt were her hiccups. Of course at our last visit I asked Dr. Helen if frequent hiccups were normal. She reassured me that it is completely normal for a baby in utero to experience the hiccups and that it is actually a good sign that she is strengthening her diaphragm muscle in order to help her breathe better both inside the womb and once she's born. Let's just say if that holds true blowing out birthday candles won't ever pose a problem for Gillian!