Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Star is Born!

On Monday, Bret was shooting on location for a series of three television shows that are being produced by the local CBS affiliate WKRG. The segments were filmed near Cedar Point Pier along the Dauphin Island Causeway, and were focused on informing the public, in non-scientific terms, about the benefits of our coastal wetlands as well as practices and actions that harm them.

Filming for the shows is happening all week long at various locations in Alabama and Mississippi. The three thirty-minute shows are united by a common theme: Gambling with Mother Nature along the Gulf Coast. These shows, funded through a grant by NOAA's Sea Grant extension, will use plain language, humor, and creativity to describe the processes and effects of coastal flooding, inland flooding, and flood mapping/insurance along the Mississippi/Alabama Gulf Coast for the benefit of the general public.

The camera's are coming to our backyard on Friday to shoot a brief segment on a french drain system that Bret has been working on for three months. This segment will focus on simple things that homeowner's can do, without sophisticated equipment or expensive materials, to reduce their impact on the environment. This particular segment will describe how channeling rainwater from your roof to an underground "soaker hose" not only reduces runoff from your property, but also recharges the groundwater while preventing localized flooding and ponding around your home.

Just what I needed---a new baby AND daily battles with the paparazzi! Only kidding, but we are all very proud of Bret. In the short time we've been in Mobile he's made quite a name for himself! Kudos, babe!