Wednesday, June 24, 2009


If you've ever been pregnant you know that the last month can be tough. Add to it 100+ degree temperatures and it becomes even more uncomfortable!

Although Bret and I are both accustomed to hot summers having both grown up in Florida, we can't recall a summer that's been quite as sweltering as the summer we're currently experiencing here in the Deep South. Yesterday Mobile broke a record with a scorching temperature of 101 degrees. With the heat index it felt more like 110!

Even the tigers think it's hot! Cyncyn, a 3-month-old snow white Bengal tiger cub cools off in a swimming pool with another golden tab Bengal tiger cub named Ohmar at the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo in Gulf Shores on Tuesday, June 23. The Alabama coast continued to bake Tuesday as the temperature reached 101 in Mobile, topping the previous record for that date.

Despite the heat, Bret and I are still getting in our daily walks (well for me it's more of a waddle) each morning before the temperatures become too unbearable; and Bret has continued to work hard outside in the yard. Just the other weekend Bret planted over thirty plants to get our landscaping started. I was the project supervisor and drink lady---I made myself comfy on a folding chair and provided Bret with all the Gatorade he could handle until I lost my shade and had to retreat indoors to the air conditioning. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until next spring to plant the crape myrtles, pear trees, and other plants---the weather is just not conducive for planting now!

I had to beg to get this shot of Bret busy in the yard. It took him nearly all day to get these plants in the ground. Needless to say that after the job was done, Bret was beyond worn out. I think he fell asleep before eight thirty that night!

As a surprise, my Mom and Dad purchased us four black rockers that we've been coveting for a while. We finished off the outdoor decorating with a monogrammed flag and ferns, which we've hung from the upstairs balcony. After having nothing but dirt in our front yard for nearly two months, Bret and I love pulling into the driveway and seeing all the improvements we've made to our home. Now, we just can't wait until there's a reprieve from the heat so we can enjoy rocking on our front porch while sipping some ice tea---southern living at its finest!

Our house from the cul-de-sac.

A close-up of our home.