Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just for Fun

It's been a lot of fun catching glimpses of Gillian through ultrasound screenings throughout my pregnancy. Everyone is excited to meet her and eager to see what she will actually look like.

After seeing an episode of one of TLC's gagillion baby story television shows, I got the idea for a project for Gillian's nursery. I scanned baby pictures of Bret and myself and changed them from the brownish-purplish coloring (typical of pictures that are roughly thirty years old) to black and white. I put one baby picture of each of us in a 5x7 frame and hung it on either side of a larger 8x10 frame. At this point, the 8x10 frame is empty, but it will (in the near future) hold Gillian's baby picture in color. The 8x10 color picture of Gillian will be surrounded by a white matte. I plan to have friends and family write messages to Gillian as they stop by to meet her in the days and weeks following her birth.

Thanks Mom and Stephanie for doing the hard work---going through albums, boxes, chests, and stacks of family photos.

Here are some of the photos from the project. I thought it would be fun to share!

Pictures of Me

Pictures of Bret

Too funny---I came across these two pictures and couldn't help but notice their similarities.




Tracey said...

Precious!! You were both such cuties! And I'm totally diggin' Bret's leisure suit. ;)