Thursday, May 28, 2009

Here's Looking at You, Kid!

I wanted to post our most recent ultrasound picture of Miss Gillian Grace. This photo was taken May 15. I had an ultrasound appointment to confirm that my measurements were due to baby size and not excess amniotic fluid. The ultrasound confirmed that Gillian was the sole contributor to my size. According to the calendar, at my last appointment, I was 30 weeks exactly. Gillian's measurements put her at 32 weeks and 2 days. Her estimated weight was 3 lbs. and 14 oz.---nearly 4 lbs.

During the ultrasound appointment Kristy, the Jelly Girl as I like to call her, asked if we minded if she switched to the 4D equipment. Of course we didn't mind at all and the end result was quite possibly the clearest picture of Gillian we'll ever see until she makes her debut sometime this July. The picture shows Gillian's profile and the umbilical cord floating past her face. It was neat to see her teeny nose and closed eyes---she's looks so at peace! Although not 100% certain, we think we even see signs of dark hair on her head.

Gillian was in the top percentiles for all her measurements. Dr. Helen even told us that according to her femur measurement, she's projected to be tall. Now I must admit that the thought of my daughter being able to buy pants off the rack without having them altered was exciting. However, we all know that these predictions are really nothing more than educated guesses at this point. After all, the doctors once told mom that I was going to be between 5'7-5'8 and we all know how that turned out.

Today we have our next appointment. It seems like every time I turn around, we're heading to the hospital for another appointment. I guess I should get used to it especially since it won't be long before we're schlepping to the hospital every week for appointments during the final weeks of my pregnancy.

As of tomorrow, only 8 weeks to go---6 weeks if you're going by Gillian time!

There's so much left to do!


Tracey said...

She's beautiful!