Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baby Classes

Last week, Bret and I began our four week long birthing/baby classes. Let's just say that it is not something that either of us looks forward to each Wednesday.

Despite learning some helpful information like the signs of labor, breathing techniques, and strategies for coping with labor, the bulk of the information shared was...hmm, how shall say this...interesting! For example, did you know that olive oil is not just something to sprinkle over your pasta to keep it from sticking, but that it can also be used around your hooha creating a slip and slide for the baby. Is that a great mental image or what?! Well, needless to say when we heard this tidbit Bret and I exchanged looks, both understanding what the other was thinking...Whatcha talkin' bout, Willis?

The nurse also went on to share about the other items that we should consider bringing with us to the hospital---lavender, chamomile, massage oils, massage instruments, and a meditation point (picture to focus on in order to relax). Ummm, the last time I checked I was preparing for the birth of my baby at a hospital not a vacation to Club Med.

Our nurse openly discussed her opinions about childbirth. For her childbirth is a natural not a medical procedure. Although, I applaud all of the brave women willing to have a natural childbirth, it is simply not for me. I'm under no false pretenses that I can be Wonder Woman (I lost the wristbands years ago) and do not endure extreme pain well. The thought of squeezing a baby-- the size of a watermelon-- through one of the smallest orifices in the body, doesn't sound remotely like something I'd like to attempt without a little help from Dr. Feelgood.

What's in store for us today is anyone's guess. Stay tuned!