Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thank Goodness for Gammie

Thank goodness for Gammie! Since Bret returned to work this week, Gammie came over on Tuesday to see Gillian and keep me company---Who am I kidding? She really came to see Gillian. Gammie goes through Gillian withdrawl if she has to go more than a few days without seeing her one and only granddaughter. We call Gammie the baby whipserer because she has such a way with Gillian. Gillian can be fussy and the second she hears or goes to Gammie, she begins to calm down.

Gammie is not only a treat for Gillian, but for me and Bret as well. When Gammie is around, I am able to tend to things around the house, catch a quick nap, or just relax; and Bret is able to rest assured that all his girls are in good hands. Bret and I begged Gammie to make as many weekly visits as her schedule allows. Not sure how much arm twisting we had to do, but we think we've got her talked into at least two visits each week. If we had it our way, we'd love for my parents to move to Mobile so we could see them even more than we already do. However, we know that's asking an awful lot and for now must be content (and grateful) to live as close as we do.

Tomorrow Gammie will make the short drive for another visit. Yippee!
This weekend Grandad will join Gammie and return Saturday for Gillian's first backyard barbecue. Yum! Yum!