Thursday, August 13, 2009

She Sucks!

No, it's not what you think...Gillian has finally learned to suck on a pacifier! Yes I know, a pacifier---or binky as we call it, can be a blessing and a curse. But we'll deal with the hard part (trying to break her of it) later.

Trying to appease Gillian after putting her in the car seat Monday as we headed out the door bound for the pediatrician's office, I grabbed her binky in a last ditch effort effort to comfort her. Much to our surprise, the binky didn't just plop right out of her mouth as it had on numerous other occassions. She actually took to it and began to suck. She was sucking so hard she actually wore herself out and at one point and began to doze while periodically remembering to suck. Once when the binky began to slip from her lips, she used her hands to hold it in place. Although I'm quite sure she didn't realize what she was doing, it was still cute and provided me yet another opportunity to snap a picture!