Thursday, August 13, 2009

The South Comes North

Bret's parents, sister, and nieces came from Fort Myers, Florida for a visit this past weekend. They made the 10 hour trek North to our home here in Mobile to see the newest member of the family, Gillian. As expected, everyone was enamored with her---especially the girls, Abbey and Madison. Our youngest niece Madison, an aspiring photographer, snapped a million pictures. Abbey, the dancer in the family, pirouetted through the living room when she wasn't asking to hold Gillian or begging Madison for an opportunity to take a few pictures of her own. Elizabeth, Bret's sister, joked that she was going to take Gillian back to Fort Myers with her(I can see why she'd want to, Gillian's just too precious), while Bret's Mom and Dad (Nana and Poppy) both took turns holding their newest granddaughter.

Madison was the first of the girls to hold Gillian.

Poppy holds Gillian for the first time.

Abbey takes her turn.

Elizabeth her girls and Gillian pose for a picture.

Nana's turn to hold Gillian.