Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Birthdays have always been a BIG deal in our family. Ever since I was little I remember looking forward to birthdays. It's not only my own birthday that I look forward to but any and everyone's birthdays. To me, birthdays are a chance to surprise and delight the important people in our lives. There has always been much buildup surrounding the weeks and days before birthdays. And, despite the immense anticipation, I've never once been left disappointed.

Ice cream, cake, balloons, presents, and family...what more could anyone ask for?! Dad and I almost got to celebrate our birthdays on the same day. But, after nearly 13 hours of labor, Mom just couldn't hold out any longer and I was born just hours shy of midnight on August 22. Way to go, Mom---only kidding! Since my birthday falls just one day before Dad's we've always celebrated our two big days at the same time. This year is no different, as we packed Gillian up (and that is a whole other entry in itself) and headed to Pensacola.

Today, my Dad is 61 years young! My Dad is my biggest cheerleader, an analogy of which he may not be too fond. We like to joke and say everyone knows where they stand with Dad. He does not sugar coat and will tell you exactly what he's thinking---only when asked of course! He's reserved and observant, preferring to absorb his surroundings rather than fill the room with idle chatter. He claims to be thrifty, but those closest to him know that he's anything but miserly. In fact, family knows him as a generous man willing to give freely without expectations or attached strings. As vices go my Dad doesn't have many, except perhaps the occasional brewskie or slice of mom's chocolate cake. Having accomplished much in his life, Dad is perhaps most proud of his family. Family is his top priority, a reality I've known all of my life.

Later we'll celebrate with a good meal, cake, and presents and honor the man that's given us so much. Happy Birthday, Dad! Your future is so bright, you've got to wear shades.

Here's to many more...We love you!