Thursday, August 13, 2009

A First

Last week we visited Gillian's original pediatrician for what was supposed to be her two week check up. In reality the two week check up consisted of nothing more than a weight check and a visit from a nurse that let's just say could've used a refresher course in bedside manner. Unhappy with the visit, Bret and I consulted our neighborhood guru, Miss Kim, and asked for her opinion on pediatricians. Having four boys of her own, we trust Kim implicitly when it comes to recommendations that involve her children and/or childcare.On Monday, Bret and I took Gillian for her first real pediatrician visit. From the second we entered the pediatrician's office at Springhill Medical Center we felt that we had made the right choice. The waiting room was separated, with a sick and well waiting area. The nurses in the reception area were knowledgeable and welcoming. The nurse that took us back was congenial and made us feel and, as much as she could, Gillian feel comfortable. At this two week check up, Gillian was weighed. She'd gained over six ounces since being weighed the several days ago at the bad place---the other pediatrician's office. The nurse also measured her length and she's grown half an inch and now measures 21 inches long.

Dr. Shearer, our new pediatrician, is wonderful! He talked to Gillian and kept us well informed as he gave her a thorough check up. After losing what was left of her umbilical cord last week, her belly button was seeping a tad so he cauterized it with silver nitrate to help it close and heal more quickly. He also asked us about the second PKU screening that infants were to have during their second week check up. Umm...PKU screening? Let's just say that our suspicions about the bad place pediatrician were correct! Now they didn't just seem bad but also incompetent.

Nurse Jackie came in as Dr. Shearer concluded his exam to conduct the PKU screening. My heart just broke for Gillian as she tried her best to be tough for the nurse. The tiny prick on the heel didn't illicit much of anything from Gillian but it was the persistent squeezing of the heel that sent her into orbit. It seemed like Nurse Jackie would never finish as Gillian squealed to let us know that she wasn't too happy about all that was happening.

All in all, our first visit was a success! Dr. Shearer even mentioned how strong she was as she repeatedly donkey kicked and stiff armed him as he tried to look inside her ears.

We go back August 24th for our one month check up. That'll be hard to month. Time sure does fly!

Nurse Rochelle weighing Gillian.

Dr. Shearer listening to Gillian's healthy heartbeat.

Gillian is being brave for mom, dad, and Nurse Jackie during the PKU test.