Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hey, Mr. Postman!

With the economy in a downturn and various institutions teetering between major scale backs and becoming utterly obsolete, we are single handedly attempting to revive the flailing industry known as the Postal Service. With Gammie assuming the duties of Gillian's care, I was finally able to find enough time to take care of some much overdue written correspondences. Having had the best intentions to complete the arduous task of thank you notes for weeks now, I felt quite accomplished after placing the stamp on the final envelope. Although the effort to keep up with the gifts flooding into our home in the weeks preceding and following Gillian's birth was commendable, that doesn't mean that someone wasn't overlooked. Gillian, Bret, and I truly appreciate everyone's kindness during this special time. We were flattered and surprised by the outpouring of generosity from everyone, especially those that merely knew us through other family and friends.

In addition to conquering our thank yous, we finished Gillian's birth announcements. Despite a mailing list that included one hundred reciepients, completing this task was not nearly as impressive. With the announcements arriving on August 18th, all that was left for us to do was to get the envelopes loaded, addressed, stamped, and sealed. Bret actually took care of these tasks one evening as I fed Gillian. As always, he was there to help out whenever and however he could---a real keeper that one! I absolutely adore Gillian's announcements, as they include one of my favorite early pictures of her. I will post the announcement sometime this upcoming week, but I want everyone to have a chance to see it in person before posting it on the blog.

Check your mailbox in the days to come, chances are you'll be hearing from us!