Monday, September 20, 2010

Miscellany Monday

{one} split decision
Note to self (or hubs), next time you hear your adorable daughter babble,"Bup! Bup! (GG's way of saying up), remember to pull up both legs of your pants before bending down to pick her up. Now you see why I've got to learn to sew!

And yes, Bret gave his permission for the bum shoot!

{two} wild kingdom
What's the best way to capture a raccoon terrorizing your backyard? Why with oreos, of course! Allow me to introduce Trey, a raccoon with an obvious sweet tooth. Trey is the third raccoon Bret has trapped in our backyard and then relocated in the past two weeks.


{three} must-see-tv
Yay, for the new Fall season of all my favorite shows---Parenthood, Modern Family, The Middle, Castle, Amazing Race, and Survivor, just to name a few! Plus with so many new shows debuting in the next few weeks, my DVR will be working overtime. And speaking of Parenthood, the premiere this past week was hilarious and classic. The mother-daughter driving lesson was spot on, bringing tons of my teenage memories flooding back. When I found myself identifying with the Kristina Braverman (the mom) in the scene, it was the latest in the long list of reminders that I have officially become my mother!

{four} bye bye bubbly
This weekend I purchased my last pack of diet coke. Once this 12 pack is finished, that's it for the soda pop guzzling---I'm going cold turkey! Though I'll likely still indulge in a bit of the caffeinated crack when I'm out, I am no longer going to keep diet coke in the house, I'm simply too weak! Keep your fingers crossed that the caffeine withdrawal headaches from the first few days don't send me running to the 7 Eleven for an emergency fix.

{five} made in china
I was surprised and extremely troubled to discover that the apple juice (Mott's Medleys) I'd been purchasing off the shelves of my local supermarket contained apple concentrate produced in China. Yes, China! With all the news recently regarding China and its questionable manufacturing practices, I was horrified to learn that I'd been unknowingly allowing Gillian Grace to consume juice not produced domestically. And apparently, use of Chinese concentrate is not a new phenomenon and has been used for years in many brands of juice. One thing is for sure, GG will not be drinking Mott's Medleys any longer, and I will definitely be paying closer attention to the labels on the products I buy, especially those for my child.

{six} fancy feet
She may not have 2,700 pairs like Imelda Marcos, but one thing is for sure, Gillian Grace loves shoes! At Babies R' Us the other day, we couldn't resist trying on a pair of Elmo, or "Mo" as GG calls him, slippers. If I wasn't so worried that the adorable slippers would be a tripping hazard, we definitely would've purchased baby a new pair of shoes!




How much are these? Think they'll take Cheerios?

{seven}love stamped
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Have a great Monday, y'all!

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Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Haha love the booty shot! Those Elmo slippers on her are adorable!!!

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy, Blessed Wife said...

Very cute shots of the Elmo slippers! My daughter already has quite the shoe habit at 2...and my mother is doing her best to instill a love of shoe shopping in her only is a bad combo! She literally has dozens of pairs of shoes but at least we can donate them at our church when she outgrows them.

How scary about the Motts juice. I am paranoid about products made in China. I know I take it to the extreme but it just freaks me out. Noah has known since he was 2 that he must read labels and if something is made in China it's usually a "no". I'm not as stringent when it comes to toys but he knows hands down that nothing edible comes home with us if it says 'Made in China'. I admit that I've been embarassed before in stores when he questions a product's origin at the top of his lungs :) He's already teaching his sister the 'Made in China' rule too, ha!

Melissa said...

1.) What an understanding hubs to let you use the photo.

2.) I know coons can be nasty but he sure looks cute. Oreos? Very interesting.

3.) I am so disappointed now I have to wait until January for White Collar and Summer for Covert Affairs. Agh!! But looking forward to No Ordinary Family with Chiklis.

4.)Good luck on the headaches. Seriously. I've been sick with withdrawal headaches in the past.

5.) Yep.

6.) Of course G is adorable. How could you resist. Tough Mama. :)

A Little McD said...

Ok, the pants = hilarious. And GG in the Elmo slippers? Cutest thing I've seen all weekend! (I know it's Monday morning, but you get my drift. She's just so stinkin cute!)

Carol said...

I'm a new follower! Will you follow me?

Susan said...

Good on ya for going cold turkey, wish I could say the same. I have to have something besides water. Do you think sweet tea would be as harmful as soda?
Some of my favorite shows...Modern Family, Survivor and Amazing Race.
GG has to have those slippers, they're cute. Well, the slippers are just the decoration, she's the cute one.
Oh shoot! Looks like nice dress pants too. It's just a seam, easily repaired, even if you take it to someone to fix.

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Oh my, the pants thing cracked me up!! I'm excited for fall tv, too. I think I need to start watching Parenthood - I hear everyone talking about it! And girl, good luck with the Diet Coke! I've quit it before but am back on it. Hoping to go back off, and like you, just treat myself when out and about. :) You can do it!!

I Do Declare said...

Oreos, huh? We have a Rocky (and a Rockette) that have been hanging out in our yard (and, um..our neighbors roof). I might have to see if the hubs can double-stuff them - hee!

Amanda said...

Hi! I'm a new follower! Have a great Monday!

Liz said...

Oh nooooooooooooooo! Poor Bret!

Isn't it amazing what you learn about our food when you reading labels?!?!

Karen said...

Hi Shannon, how was your weekend? I am floored too about the Mott's Apple juice. How awful. I have been hearing bits and pieces about China and I know I really need to do more research about what has been going on over there. It sounds awful and I want to make sure I am informed. Thank you for doing my research for me about the juice. Good for you about Diet Coke, I have the same issue with Diet Pepsi and Diet Dr Pepper. I actually did stop while I was pregnant but I am back to my ways again!!! I hope you had a great weekend!


Kristin @ Ellie-Town said...

That hubby of yours is brave. Brave to show his booty to the world and also to capture wild animals!

By they way, how in the world do you keep that adorable baby from pulling the bows out of her hair? I need your secret!

SassySillySpunky said...

I was wanting to buy Drake slippers yesterday but had the same thought you did about the tripping :)

Lindsay said...

I gave you a blogging award :o) Stop by to see it!

Lindsay said...

OHH I love her elmo slippers! SO cute!

BARBIE said...

Ha ha to the hubsters! That's too funny about racoons and Oreos! I can't wait for the Fall season lineup. Gillian looks too cute in those Elmo slippers! Happy Monday!

Sara said...

Thanks for sharing the info about the apple juice...I had no clue!!

LOVE the elmo slippers!

Twin Inspiration said...

Thanks for the follow. My daughter is obsessed with shoes. She would love the Elmo slippers.


Jumping Jack said...

Excedrin Migraine is great for caffeine withdrawal headaches. Good luck!

Love the slippers!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Ack!! China??? Out of my fridge the second I get home!

As for the shoes...just wait, it gets better. You won't be able to go shoe shopping anywhere from here on out! :-)

Kristin said...

Dropping by on a MMM blog hop! Good luck with those raccoons!!

I'm following you! :)


Annie said...

hahahah.......oops!! I guess you'll have to bust out the ole sewing kit, huh?!? too funny.

mama k said...

Love this post!

And I'm with you on Parenthood (and Modern Family!) Parenthood is one of the highlights of my week :)

I also watch (well fast forward through most of) Biggest Loser, Big Bang Theory, and I'm looking forward to Outsourced!

I definitely remember my mom being like the Braverman time when I turned left in front of another mom shouted "IDIOT!"

Wow...I think I stopped and almost got us killed! :)

And that is so scary about the raccoons...I don't think I would be good at dealing with that!

Mom's Review for you said...

Following you from the blog hop! Would love a follow back! Thanks!

Xenia said...

This might be the best collection of miscellany that I've seen in a long, long time, Shannon! I was sad when I got to the end! (Of course then I got distracted reading all your other posts... but that's a separate comment)

Geez, I can barely get my husband to acknowledge that blogging is a worthwhile pastime, let alone get him to pose with ripped pants so that I could post it for the world to see. Bret is quite the understanding man!

And those pictures of Gillian in the Elmo slippers are just adorable - I love her serious, contemplative look! Speaking of looks though, maybe I'm just a little wimpy, but that raccoon is scaring me a little with the way he's staring at me!

I hope you have a wonderful week! :)

Casey said...

Love these posts! lol @ Bret!

Jennifer said...

Ok...a couple of things. First off..all the power to you giving up Diet Coke. I gave up soda a few months ago and I have never looked back. You are going to lose weight just from stopping. I can't even drink it now. Second, I never read the labels on the Mott's Medleys. Now I have to be more aware. Thanks for finding that :) Next, I love GG in those slippers. My boys had them and loved thm. They are too cute. And that raccoon...maybe Brett needs to change his profession!

Cari @ Socially Circled said...

You have the best sense of humor! TREY!?! That is hilarious! Your husbands 'split decision'! Too funny!

Good luck with the Diet Coke. I think I see a break-up between me and diet dr. pepper happening soon! Let us know how it goes!

JUICE FROM CHINA! I think I'm going to be ill! Never have looked to see where it's from, but just checked our Mott's and yep, CHINA. Pouring it down the drain! Looked at our Juicy Juice boxes that I pack in his lunch boxes...CHINA....going in trash!

Cindy said...

We have 4 raccoons in our backyard!! Ugh! I am gonna need to get one of those traps (and some Oreos.)

Cindy said...

We have 4 raccoons in our backyard!! Ugh! I am gonna need to get one of those traps (and some Oreos.)