Monday, September 6, 2010

Miscellany Monday

{not enough hours in a day}
one. Despite taking a week off from blogging, I still wasn't able to even put a dent in my list of to dos. And, though I tried, I failed miserably at my goal of staying off the computer completely. So yes, it truly wasn't my fault...the computer made me not do it.

{are you ready for some football?}
two. If there's one thing I enjoy just about as much as watching college football on Saturday, it's ESPN's Gameday. And, Big and Rich's theme song gets me dancing every time!

Game Day lyrics---
We're coming to your city
Well we flew through Oklahoma,
Alabama, and through Georgia
Time to get on down to Florida
For the game.

And then we loaded up our tailgate

Joined a convoy on the freeway
Headed north to see them Buckeyes
And Notre Dame.

Victory for USC

Bulldogs barking at the Wolverines
Hook 'em horns and gimme that
Rocky Top Tennessee.

Blue 32, down, set

You love football you know what's next
Got it locked on E-S-P-N
Tell your family and friends
'Cause Fowler, Corso, and Herbstreit
Got the lowdown on your rivalries
So buckle your chinstraps
Get ready to play
It's time to kick off
College Gameday

My team {Florida} is mentioned. Is yours?

Image found here.

{boot scootin' boogie}
three. Gillian Grace has been walking for nearly four months now, but it seems like every other day she's surprising us with a new move. Her latest---the booty scoot, a combination scoot and booty bounce. While not the most efficient way of moving about, it sure is fun to watch!

{feelin' like fall}
four. Bret spent last week in Park City, Utah enjoying Fall like temps with highs in the mid 60s and overnight lows in the 40s. And it seems he must've brought some of the uber pleasant weather back with him as the past few days have been nothing short of glorious for early September in the South. Fingers crossed these beautiful low-humidity days are a sign of things to come.


{not a fan}
five. Thank goodness the appointment I dread most is over---the dentist! While I take pride in my oral hygiene and have never had a cavity, there's just something about the dentist that gives me the heebie jeebies! Maybe it's the smell that smacks you in the face the second after walking through the door or the hygienist's impeccable timing for asking questions just as her hand enters your mouth, but I am not, nor have ever been, a fan.

{pb and yum}
six. TCBY has peanut butter yogurt again! No need to say more.

Image found here

{what's cookin'?}
seven. This week's menu includes several new recipes including red velvet brownies. Whether a success or a gigantic failure, you know I'll share!

{sicky icky}
eight. Gillian Grace caught a bug mid-week and is still a bit under the weather. Now, as always seems to be the case, she's been kind enough to share her sniffles with me. Sweet, right?! Summer colds are just the pits!

Even when she's sick, GG still can muster up enough energy for a smile! Bless her heart!

{rah rah sis boom bah}
nine. Be sure to check out my latest giveaway featuring a school spirit twirl skirt from the Baby Britches Boutique.

Anything exciting happen to you last week? How was your long weekend? Have a great Monday and Happy Labor Day, y'all!

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Susan said...

Loved the little "boot scoot". I love when she says mom in that video. At least I think she's saying mom or mama. Soooo cute.
Yeah! I finally got rid of the 21 boxes of extra peaches I came home with on Friday after our school fundraiser. Can you believe my wonderful children Eric and Paige went around door to door trying to sell these things? I drove the car and had the boxes with me. comes the paperwork. I just want to be done with this so badly.

liz said...

Isn't it lovely when they share germs???

Summer said...

That boot scoot is presh! I love that theme song for ESPN too gets me ready for some football!! And no Penn State wasn't mentioned LOL

TCBY has peanut butter yogurt again....eeeeeeeeek if only we still had one in our town they both closed

love all your miscellany

Summer :0)

Melissa said...

Fun to catch up with your life. I am sorry you didn't get as much done as you had hoped.

Anonymous said...

LOVE YOUR BLOG :) :) Your daughter is adorable. I'm a new follower from Mingle Monday. Have a wonderful Labor Day.

DORCAS said...

poor baby! I hate it when they catch colds :( Those new moves are so cute! Scooter! Way cute! Thanks for sharing your randomness!


Angie said...

Red Velvet Brownies....YUM! Your munchkin is presh! What a cute little face :)

BARBIE said...

Awe, Gillian Grace is so cute. So sorry about her cold. Praying you both feel well soon. I dread the dentist. Matter of fact, I think I am overdue. PB yogurt? Sounds wonderful!

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy, Blessed Wife said...

I'm not a dentist fan either! Speaking of which, it's time to schedule an appointment - thanks for the reminder ;)

Sorry your little one is under the weather. My 2 year old has one too but my 5 year old escaped it as he always seems to do. Seems like only one child got the strong immune system!

melanie_nicholson said...

Hi your Blog.. I'm coming from Meet me Monday Hop and following you now via GFC;
would love if you come visit me at
Happy Monday

Sofia said...

Found you over @ Monday Mingle! I'm your new follower. Come visit and follow back!

PeaceLoveApplesauce said...

PS. My hunnys name is Brett also. Too funny.. :)

I Do Declare said...

1. I adore the Gameday song, too! In fact, we ask for refills on drinks by asking, "Can you put a little ching in my ching chang?" - HA!

2. TCBY is all I ate in college - back when I wouldn't touch "real" ice cream. These days, I sometimes worry I spoon more w/ Ben & Jerry than the hubs, but I still love it - white chocolate mouse is my fave!

~Dawn~ said...

Fantastic blog! :) Glad I stopped by!

Dawn @ Mom-a-Logues

mama k said...

Ditto on the cold thing. W and I both picked one up at pre-school! Ugh!!

Sara said...

Cute video!! I love TCBY but unfortunately there are none close to me :-( I hope GG feels better soon!!

Jamarah Crafty Creations said...

Hi from your latest follower via Tuesday Blog Hop. Glad to find you. Love your post. Great photos and vidoe of the little one. They grow up so quickly. I am interested in how peanut butter yoghurt would tasted. Obviously yummy otherwise you wouldn't mention it. Just have never thought of the 2 together.Please stop by and check out my new blog hop. Would love for you to join.

Jennifer said...

I was expecting you to come back from your bloggy vacation with a whole post on all of the crafty things you did on top of all of the appointments you went too :) I swear, the more time you think you have, the less you get done. Love GG's new move. What a cutie petutie!! And we have been having the same weather here, it is so nice. I am sure we are all having better hair days :)