Monday, September 27, 2010

Meaningful Monday

Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself:


I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today.


I can choose which it shall be.


Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet.

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I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it.
--- Groucho Marx

After letting my no good, very bad mood practically ruin our Sunday afternoon, isn't it funny that I should come across this quote in my inbox just as dawn is breaking on a new week?

We already know that God works in mysterious ways, but apparently now He can email!

This is what makes me happy,




What will make you smile today?

Here's to a week filled with so much joy, y'alls' cheeks hurt from smiling by Wednesday!



Jennifer said...

Great quote! I guess it wasn;t going to be long before God started emailing..LOL! I think I need to post this on my fridge in hopes it will make some of those bad days a little better. Have a great week. BTW, love GG's little chair.

Susan said...

What will make me happy? Ummmmmm wrap up GG and send her to me for a week or two. Will that work for ya?
Seriously....I have what makes me happy. My family. Now throw in a little sleeping in, shopping, day out to lunch, a couple of days out at the barn riding and you've got one happy person, but I'd still like GG for a spell too.

Jen said...

God is a much of our conversations now are through cool that you got that!
Have a great week!

alicia said...

Beautiful photos and what an inspiring message.

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy, Blessed Wife said...

I love this message!! Funny, I say God speaks to me through email all the time! Gillian is so adorable and I'm sure she brings you to your happy place all day long. That's not to say that everything is always perfect but I'm sure having her around all the time makes those bad moments pass quickly :) I know my littles do that for me! Happy Monday :)

SassySillySpunky said...

Shannon were you reading my mind or what?!? I SO needed to read that quote today. After all the ups and downs of the past few weeks that quote says it all. Thanks girl!

PS-GG is just as cute as ever!!

Kristin @ Ellie-Town said...

Every morning when I wake up I think "Horray! I get to have my coffee."

Groucho Marx said it better. ;)

Lindsay said...

Something about fall leaves makes me happy :) Happy Monday!

mama k said...

I love the little unexpected blessings that can bring us back! :) Happy Monday!

Mrs. A said...

New follower from Mingle Monday! Come visit me,

Liz said...

i WISH leaves were that pretty around here!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

odd i am a typically positive happy go lucky kind of girl...i mean heck fire w/a house full of kids you have to be right?! haha


yesterday i was in a mood of all reason to explain it...

woke up this morning and poof gone! hope it stays gone..i hate being grumpy!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

LOVE the leaf photos! Seeing my girls connect, made me smile today. Love that! :)

Xenia said...

Yes! I have got to remember the "it's MY choice" part, that's what always gets me. Why waste time being anything BUT happy??

Thanks for this post, I'm going to try really hard to remember it this week!

just B you said...

Love your blog! I'm your newest follower from TTA blog hop. =) Glad I found ya. Great pics, and a great post for the day. Nice way to start out the week.

Ladii Aponte said...

Great Quote! Newest Follower from FMBT. I Just love Your Banner Photo She looks adorable in her bathing suit shes so chunky My LO is so skinny Lol COmplete Opposite of me! I was a Chubster when I was his age!
Today MY LO will make me happy and the fact that my Mr. has the day off sooo I think i might get to sleep in Lol Hope you will stop by my blog and return the follow!

gustosa giveaways said...

love those photos
new follower via FMBT

Ruth said...

I love that quote! And those pictures of the leaves are incredible. I am in Florida too, and I love it for the most part, but I do miss the fall.

I'm just popping in from the Tuesday hop. Great blog! I'm now following. Stop by if you get a chance!

Melissa said...

Beautiful photos and reminder about what is important.

I like G's octopus dress cute and a bit different.

Becky Jane said...

Love this true and your autumn pictures are beautiful. New follower from FMBT!
Hope you can stop by for a visit!

Thanks, Becky Jane
Raising kids can be a lot like weeding the rose bed...well worth it, but...OUCH!