Monday, August 23, 2010

Miscellany Monday

{make a wish...}
one. Happy Birthday to you; Happy Birthday to you; Happy Birthday, dear Dad; Happy Birthday to you! With my dad's birthday falling the day after my own, celebrating our special days together is quite possibly my most favorite of all our birthday traditions. Best wishes to the greatest dad the world's ever known! I love you, Dad!


Oh, and someone else has a few birthday wishes of her own to share...




{31 going on 13}
two. Yesterday I turned 31, and no matter how old I get, I will always love birthdays. Birthdays are like Christmas, just with balloons! And what 13 year old, I mean 31 year old, doesn't like balloons?! (Note to self: Next year turn cake around before taking pictures.)


{shopping bags and an apple}
three. An apple a day will definitely keep my blues away! I am the proud owner of a new Apple MacBook Pro! Bret truly outdid himself with this birthday surprise! With a few Ann Taylor gift cards burning a hole through my wallet, online shopping is going to be more fun now than ever!


four. As usual, I put off getting ready for our Sunday company, until...well, Sunday morning. Sheesh! And while I know there are some people that work best under pressure, today was definitely proof that I am not one of those people. The faster I went, the more mistakes I made! Two trips to the grocery store and three different batches of the same muffin mix later, all was well!

{yes, ma'am}
five. There are some people that when they pass along a request, you can just smile and shake your head. But when it's your momma doing the requesting, I've learned it best to oblige! So this weekend when my mom made a simple request, to include a picture of Gillian Grace with every post, I promised to do my best to make it happen. So like I've seen on many blogs, I'll try to include a picture of the little rascal with each post, no matter the topic!


{the weatherman lied}
six. 20% chance of rain? Try 20% chance that you'll make it to your car without being completely drenched! Our family photo shoot on the Eastern shore this weekend was cut short by some very wicked weather. But after seeing a few of the pictures Bret was able to snap, it's probably a good thing. Humidity + my wavy hair = 1 unflattering picture of me (GG always looks cute!)



{here's your sign}
seven. Congratulations to Jen Ross, winner of the Mama's Messages giveaway. Please email me within 48 hours.


How was your weekend? Have a great Monday, y'all!

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Christina said...

Love the pictures! Happy Birthday to you and your dad! My husband and his dad have birthdays side by side, and the celebrating is lots of fun! Plus, what a great birthday gift you guys were way back when! ;)

Susan said...

Hey Shannon
Happy Birthday (31? geeeez) how come I'm always older than everyone?
I love what you are wearing in the photo with GG. That is a great color for you and it looks great on MIss G too.
Wow! You don't meet a lot of "only children". We have a few friends that have only 1 child, but most are in the 4s and 5s, we even have some good friends that have 8. Not quite the Duggers, but still part of the club. Sometimes I think it would have been nice to have one more and sometimes I can't even handle one, so I think 5 was our magic number.
I think I planned it right though because when they are all married and grown with families of their own, the chance that at least one of them will be spending a holiday at my place is very good.
Have a super day now you hear?

A Little McD said...

What a great weekend! Happy Birthday to you and your Dad!

Avery's Mommy said...


Liz said...

Happy Birthday to you Shannon!! (and your Dad) Love the pictures, and that picture of you and GG is adorable.... the first thing I thought was, "Man... she's always soooo put together!!!"

SassySillySpunky said...

Hope you had a great Birthday Shannon! Bret did a really great job with your gift you lucky girl:). I have to say I agree with you mom, a picture of GG in each post must be standard!

mama k said...

Happy Birthday to you and your dad! :) Love the signs idea for birthday wishes :)

Liz said...

we just scheduled our family photo session today!

Kristin @ Ellie-Town said...

Happy Birthday!

I've got 30 coming next month and while I'm excited - it will FINALLY be my golden brithday, 30 on the 30th! - I'm not sure I want to leave my 20's. Not that I have a choice, or anything. But you make 31 look fun, so thanks!

Barbie said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you were truly spoiled. Have fun with your new Mac and gift cards! re

Anonymous said...

Hope your Dad and you had a very special birthday!! I love the second to last picture of you and your sweet girl! So precious.

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy, Blessed Wife said...

Happy Birthday to you and your dad! How fun that your birthdays are back to back. Enjoy your new Mac :)

Courtney said...

Your blog is terribly cute, Shannon! Loved all your randoms and Happy 13th - err, 31st! Hope it was a great one!

Jen said...

Shannon, those pics of you are great! Love the pic of you and your dad...and of course, Gillian is the cutest little thing with that sign around her neck! Cute idea!
Have a great week!

Melissa said...

I love the photos of G with the birthday greetings hanging around her neck - so funny and sweet.

Beth Dunn said...

What great photographs and birthday wishes to everyone.

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

ok the pictures weren't showing up on my screen i had to click photobucket to see it user error or is something different?

gg is such a cutie!

Tracey said...

What are you talking about?! You look great!! If you wanna see frizz, then head my way. :) Hope you had a wonderful 13th birthday! xoxo

Sweet Southern Prep said...

These are such great images! Love the sign that GG has on. I may have to do that for my dad with the girls. His birthday is less than a month away. Thanks for the great idea! :)

P.S. I got the Polka Dot Market balloons and hat today and LOVE it! Thanks again for hosting such a great giveaway.

Jennifer said...

Happy, happy birthday to you! I hope both you and your dad had a great day. Ever time I read a post of yours where you talk about your parents, it warms my heart to see the great relationship you have with them. I know you and GG will have the same too. And a Mac Pro Book...go Brett. What an awesome gift. I am sure you will be up late the next few nights playing around with it. Oh, and love GG's sign for her grandpa!

Stephanie M. Page said...

Cute, Cute, Cute Cute CUTE!!!!

Thats what i thought as I read this post.


P.S. I like your new design blog too, what are your prices like?

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Happy Birthday to you and your dad! And just for the record, you're beautiful!!!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday to you and your dad! I hope it was a great one. I love all of GG's summer dresses. They are so cute!

Life with the Lebedas said...

Happy Birthday!! She's so cute! I love all the pictures

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Shannon!!!! It sounds like you had such a great weekend!!! BTW, love the pink ruffle shirt, so pretty on you!!!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday to you and your Dad. I love the sign that GG was wearing!!

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

WHAT?! Your hair looks SOOOO good wavy like that!!! You're crazy. :)

Elaine A. said...

Happy belated Birthday to you and your Dad! That sign that GG is wearing is just to precious!

And I think you both look great in the picture despite the humidity!

p.s. you look A LOT like your Mom!

LeeAnn said...

I am super late here, but Happy (belated) Birthday Shannon! And Happy Birthday to your dad too! GG's sign was adorable!

I actually had some time to get over here and catch up (and my phone internet happens to actually be working well) today! (More on that in my email tonight.) Only 6 more to go... LOL