Monday, August 9, 2010

Miscellany Monday

one. I knew this day was coming, but it's now official---my super sleeper is down to 1 nap a day! Goodbye mid-morning nap, hello new routine!

two. There are days when I'd love to be a journalist, minus the long hours at the office, the super critical editor breathing down my neck, and the deadlines, of course. Just last week there was a pileup on the interstate, bringing traffic near the Florida-Alabama state line to a complete halt for over 6 hours! Luckily no one was injured, but the cause of the accident couldn't have been more amusing. A semi hauling shredded cheese for a local pizzeria caught on fire, melting the trailer's contents. The newspaper headline, "Freeway Fondue--It was nacho ordinary commute!"

Image courtesy of Time in the Kitchen

three. Out of the 5 people I passed while running the other morning, only 1 returned my salutation. Seriously, how difficult is it to wave?

four. Only 27 days until the September 4th kickoff of college football! With no plans to trade in my orange and blue for crimson anytime soon, it takes a little creativity to show off your team spirit here in Alabama. Now Roll Tide and War Eagle fans alike will have all the more reason to honk or cut me off in traffic, my new personalized tag arrived this weekend! There will never be any doubt where my allegiance lies---I'm a TRUE GATOR!


five. The Donut Hole in Destin, Florida has done it again! Not only do they make the most delicious donuts this side of the Mason Dixon, but now they've added a red velvet donut to their scrumptious repertoire. Yummy!



six. Whoops, my bad! After exceeding my monthly allotment of space for uploads, Photobucket temporarily disabled my photo links this weekend! And while having my blog sans pictures for half a day nearly drove me crazy, once I was able to get to a computer the problem was fixed in minutes! Lesson learned, Photobucket!


seven. Sun, sand, and snooze? On our way home from visiting family at the beach, GG wasn't in the car five minutes before she was sound asleep. Being one is so exhausting!


eight. All the birthday giveaways will close this evening at five. There's still time to enter!

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Sweet Southern Prep said...

Love all of this, especially your license tag! That's so creative, although I'm a Tarheel and Georgia Bulldog fan, it's still very cool to show off your school pride like that! :)

At least now that GG is losing one nap, you can have more time to run more errands in the morning. And who knows, maybe she'll sleep longer for her second nap. Hope so! :)

mama k said...

I completely agree with you on the people not returning a salutation! Hello!! It takes less than a second and not too much effort! I would have waved back :)

My son is currently in his crib for his morning nap and has been playing, crying, talking, playing...everything but napping for about 35 minutes!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

don't say donuts...i gained so much the first 14 weeks i have to cut out soda...sweets...and my wendy's spicy chicken sandwiches sniff sniff

but the photo sure did look omg yum

Francis said...

Loved these! is it easier mow that GG is only taking one nap?

ohh and the whole wacing thing! I hate that!!! seriously people are so rude! I have a neighbor that never waves or says hi or anything!

Susan said...

This was an awesome post.
A few season.....bring it on, I can't wait. Ohhhhh you're touching on a sore subject with the inconsiderate people returning a friendly hello or nod of the head. I'm losing faith in humanity more and more each day. The quickest way we would get our first daughter to sleep was to put her in the car, drive around the block twice maybe three times and she was out. All of the other kids hated the car and would scream their heads off from point A to point B. Lord have mercy! I was a nervous wreck by the time I got to where I needed to go.
Now about the red velvet. I have asked so many people so many times, but have never received an answer.....does red velvet cake/whatever have a specific flavor, or is it just all about the color? I have NEVER tried red velvet anything....don't laugh, but I have a red food coloring phobia. I don't know why.
Last but not least. If there wou;ld have been a bread truck broken down on the freeway too, now that would have been a perfect moment.

Brittany Ann said...

Love your license plate! Go Gators! I need to start thinking of how to appropriately cheer on my Gators in Gamecock country this year! This should be interesting!

SassySillySpunky said...

Drake just started going down to 1 nap a day too! At first I did not like it but now I get a long chunk of free time in the afternoone to myself!

I'm also a HUGE college football fan. My heart is with the Iowa Hawks!

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Red velvet donuts?! That sounds delicious!!!!!!!!!!

I feel the same way about people when I wave to them. It also bothers me when people don't wave when I let them in traffic or stop to let them get out. I mean, I didn't HAVE to do that. ;)

Simplegirl said...

Love the post! No kidding on saying hello. Maybe we should try what my 4 year old does which is, keep saying "hello and get louder and louder, why don't you say hi back?" Makes me wonder, is he too friendly or are they anti-social. Happy Misc. Monday!

Jen said...

Freeway fondue...crazy stuff! What a mess!
Love the little napper in the car. She looks so comfy!

Val said...

Great post!! I loved everything. Especially the donut. YUM

liz said...

it really does change things! though i always found the transition times the worse. hopefully she'll settle in soon to her 1 nap a day, and all will be well.

Candice said...

Mmmm...donuts! :)

mama k said...

Yes! My husband is a minister. He is an associate pastor but he preaches whenever the main pastor is away.

Baby W played for an hour and ended up sleeping for an hour and a half after that...but then took no afternoon nap. He does go to bed early (about 6:30).

He normally takes a nap around 9:30 or 10 for an hour and then a nap from 3:30 to 4:30. But, today was off...don't know why. He has never been a really good napper though. I am just glad he sleeps through the night! :)

Jennifer said...

Oh, geez....GG is down to one nap a day??? You may have to take her on a few more car rides during the day..LOL!

Heather said...

Where to begin?? First of all, "nacho ordinary commute" Freakin' HILARIOUS!!! And red velvet donuts... I don't even want to know if my local donut shop has those! And WHOOOO HOOOO for football season!!!!!!!!! We're gonna have an interesting year with our new coach and all. Anxious to see how everything goes but I'm no fair-weather fan, so GO RED RAIDERS!!!!

Avery's Mommy said...

I love Miscellany Mondays!

Kris said...

Great post! That red velvet donut made my mouth water! YUM :)

megan said...

Oh.My.Gosh. I know this is an old post, but I was just browsing and came across that red velvet doughnut! I MUST have one!