Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Take me home, Country Roads...

West Virginia, Mountain Mama...take me home, Country Roads.

Shortly before midnight Friday I tiptoed into Gillian Grace's room, gently pulled her out of a sweet slumber for a quick diaper change and then as quickly as my hands would work, secured her safely in her carseat. After a quick check to make sure everything was off in the house, our family loaded up in the Yukon and headed north. Destination---West Virginia, a short 820 mile drive. All was quiet on McGregor Court as we headed toward the Interstate. We came to an abrupt stop minutes after leaving our neighborhood as we encountered the first red light of our journey. In the minutes as we sat waiting for the light to change, glancing from left to right trying to find a reason for our delay, the reality of the long trip ahead of us begin to sink in. Moving along the highways and once on the I-65, I couldn't help but be envious as we passed all the darkened homes with their occupants tucked snuggly in their warm beds. Factoring in a few stops---for breakfast, gas, and diaper changes---our trip took close to 15 hours.

For an extremely long trip, it was relatively uneventful. Leaving at midnight allowed us to get halfway before Gillian Grace even began to stir. Stopping for breakfast at Cracker Barrel made feeding GG her fruit, cereal, and bottle more convenient. And, quite possibly the best investment of all, a portable dvd player, captured GG's attention and helped to occupy her in between naps.

With the success of the drive up the only change we made to our itinerary for the return trek was to leave slightly earlier. We left West Virginia at ten Monday night and pulled into our driveway at ten forty-five the next morning. Accounting for the hour time difference, we shaved just about two hours off our total travel time. Not too shabby!

Our visit to West Virginia, albeit brief, was wonderful. Not many thirty year olds are fortunate enough to have both a Grandmother and Grandfather alive and doing well. And after a few close health related calls with both, I feel so blessed that my daughter had the opportunity to meet her Great MaMa and Great PaPa. As expected, Gillian Grace was the center of attention. GG was more popular than cake at a Weight Watchers meeting as everyone vied for their next chance to hold her. Gillian may be small but the joy she brings into the lives of everyone in our family is immense!

Gillian Grace with Great MaMa and Great PaPa.

Gammie with her Mom and Dad.

Aunt Bobbie, Me and Gillybean, Mom, and MaMa

Mothers and Daughters

Aunt Bobbie and Gillian Grace

Cousin Bryce and Gillian Grace