Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Give me a Boost!

I think it fair to say that every aspect of our lives has changed (for the better) since Gillian Grace's arrival. Nothing, from when and how we eat to what we read, is the same as it once was. Although I still enjoy mindless reads like Us Magazine every once in a while, lately I get my greatest enjoyment reading other Mommy blogs. With an infinite number of Mommy bloggers out there writing about everything from a to z, it's easy for me to lose track of time until I'm abruptly pulled back into reality by a waking baby or the buzzing of the dryer.

Recently, I joined a site just for Mommy bloggers. It's an online community with all sorts of blogs ranging from the informational to the purely entertaining. Although blogging for me is just a hobby, I do like knowing that there are people out there that actually read what I write. Hence, the "Give me a Boost!" title to this post. Since joining the Mommy Blog Directory I have been asked to post a link to their site on my sidebar. Each time you click on one of the Top Mommy Blog links, our blog gets credit. The more clicks we receive the faster Webbisodes will rise through the rankings of their over 400 listed blogs. I'm not looking to get a top ranking, but instead hope to win over a few more loyal readers and make some new Mommy bloggin' friends.

So to help us out and give our modest little blog a little more exposure click here, the picture at the beginning of this post, or the icon under "Give me a Boost!" to the right on our sidebar and remember to click each time you visit our blog. And most importantly, thanks for setting aside a little time in your own hectic lives to check in and keep up with us. We continue to be thankful for your interest, your input, and your support!