Sunday, November 8, 2009

If it's not one thing...

The old adage, if it's not one thing---then it's another, definitely couldn't be more appropriate these days. Last week, Bret came down with the flu. At first we thought he had a severe cold but when his symptoms worsened and his fever appeared, we decided it was time to make an appointment with a doctor. Worried about Bret and growing tired of him finding reason after reason for not calling a doctor, I made an appointment for him myself. After seeing the doctor and learning that he did in fact have the flu, Gillian Grace and I packed up and headed to Pensacola to stay until Bret was feeling better. With Bret on the mend, GG and I returned home yesterday only to learn today that we're now under a hurricane advisory until tomorrow night. Yes, you read that correctly, Hurricane Ida is forecasted to make landfall somewhere along the Gulf Coast Monday night. Currently, the forecast cone has Ida coming ashore as a Category 1 hurricane near the Florida/Alabama border---just about 40 miles east of us. We'll be up with the sun tomorrow morning with plans to hit the neighborhood Exxon to fill up our cars and our gas cans for the generator in the event we should lose power. Knowing that this is just one of those things I cannot control, I'm trying my best to not worry. Ida is like that annoying relative that insists on visiting even though you'd do almost anything to keep her away. Here's hoping that Ida's visit is brief and so unmemorable that it'll be like she was never here.