Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our New Look

It doesn't take long for me to grow weary of something and get the itch for change---thus our blog's newest look. Not only does our blog look different, but you'll notice that the title has changed as well. With our blog chronicling the almost daily happenings in our family, the new title just seemed to fit. Rest assured all you Gilly-holics, Miss Gillian Grace will still be the the topic du jour on most occasions.

Thanks Bret, for all your help with our newest layout. After a hard day at the office, your tireless devotion to your wife and family are commendable. Although I consider myself to be somewhat of a computer aficionado, HTML coding still sends me running for the door. It was then that Hubs stepped in to save the day. My husband, my hero!


Tracey said...

Looks fantastic! Love the new title. :) You're so creative!