Thursday, September 3, 2009

Looking good thanks to Mrs. Gatewood!

Mrs. Gatewood, a family friend, gave Gillian several outfits including this adorable green polka dot number. With so many clothes hanging neatly in her closet (many of which she is quickly outgrowing), Gillian goes through multiple wardrobe changes a day. After breakfast we change into her walking outfit, a light weight Baby Gap onesie. After all, we wouldn't want baby girl to overheat. After we exercise, Gillian has a bath and changes into her mid morning outfit (at least one of us has to be looking cute when Daddy comes home for lunch). Afternoon and early evening mean at least one more change before our nighttime bath. When the day is through and the laundry is sorted, Gillian conservatively goes through three outfits a day. She's a clothes horse (like mother like daughter) and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Gillian is finally able to pose for more than a few seconds before toppling over.

Something must have tickled Gillian's funny bone---she was smiling and squealing with delight.

Just like her Momma, Gillian loves anything with a monogram.


Tracey said...

She gets cuter every single day!