Sunday, September 6, 2009

Are you ready for some football?

After months of waiting, college football season is finally here! Bret and I are and have been ready for this day since...well, let's just say since watching the Gators work over Stoops' Sooners in the National Championship at the first of the year.

The season officially kicked off Thursday night with the South Carolina Gamecocks taking on the Wolfpack of North Carolina State. Of course we tuned into this game to cheer on former Gator Head Coach, Steve Spurrier. Despite a less than thrilling game, the SEC recorded its first W for the season, as the Gamecocks were able to squeak by NC State with an unimpressive score of 7 to 3. And let's be honest---no matter how uneventful a SC game maybe, Spurrier is always fun to watch. Although he didn't send his visor flying, his frustration was at times palpable as he paced the sidelines. You have to admire the Ole' Ball Coach as he doesn't suffer fools or incompetence kindly!

We had to wait until Saturday to see our Florida Gators in action. Super Man (Tim Tebow) and the Gators welcomed the Bucs of Charleston Southern to the Swamp. Expecting nothing short of a whoopin', this game offered up little in the way of surprises. Drowning in their own inepititude, the Bucs weren't able to get their game going and succumbed to Tebow and his entourage only scoring one field goal in four quarters. Gillian cheered on her future Alma Mater through halftime but soon petered out, falling asleep shortly after the start of the third quarter.

We capped off our day of football with the Alabama/ VT game. With Julio Jones hailing from Mobile and proclaiming loyalty to the SEC, we cheered on Saban and his crew. Uninterested with anything having to do with Alabama, Gillian called it a night and dozed in her swing until we finally put her down for the night.

For the most part (sorry Georgia) it was a great start to the football season! The SEC is looking good and we're already looking forward to next Saturday. Will the Gators be able to pull off another successful season and earn a spot in the National Championship? Stay tuned...

Gillian is ready for her first Gator football game.

Gillian is watching the game with Mommy.

Why did you kick it out of bounds Sturgis? (Gillian was clearly frustrated after our kickoff goes out of bounds.)

Two bits...four bits...six bits...a dollar! All for the Gators, stand up and holler!

Going...(First yawn!)