Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Saving Face(s)

Thought we would stop with the mass emails for now and resort to daily
updates on the blog. Please be patient with us... there is no Internet
at the hospital, so we are doing all of this with the iPhone. So if
our pictures leave a little to be desired, and our spelling and
grammar are not quite up to par, you'll understand our plight.

The first night went as well as could be expected. We didn't utilize
the nursery as much as we probably should have, but at least we were
able to get used to her sounds, faces, and habits. We certainly know
when she needs her diaper changed!!! Her warning starts out
innocently enough with a funny face, but quickly moves toward a full
scale scream. Honestly, I expected this part to be much worse but it's
different when it's your own baby.

The tricky part seems to be distinguishing between the hungry, gassy,
and dirty cries. We think these are one in the same right now, but
it's easy to quickly rule out one of the three :)

One thing is certain with this baby: she loves to be wrapped up in her
blanket. We call this the baby burrito, altough some of you new
parents out there may know it as the D-U-D-U wrap. Gillian does not like
to be changed, but is quickly placated with a tightly wrapped blanket.

Well, my thumbs are getting tired working this iPhone keyboard.
Gillian is in the nursery between feedings, mom is finally getting
some rest, and dad is not far behind... that is if the new baby next
door quiets down.



islandgirls3 said...

Madi thinks she is pretty cool now that her picture is on your blog. She is dying to meet her new baby cousin. She keeps asking when we are going!