Sunday, July 19, 2009

One Day and Counting...

Bags for the hospital- check
Outfits and necessities for Gillian- check
Florida Gator newborn cap for pictures- check
Pillows- check
Contact list-check
Cell phones- check
Cameras- check
Snacks for Bret (we all know the boy doesn't do well without food)- check
Car seat installed- check
Excited Family and Friends- check
Exuberant Father- check
Nervous Mother- CHECK!

At Dr. Helen's recommendation, Bret and I went to the hospital Saturday to complete all the paperwork necessary to be admitted into the hospital. We also got all of my blood work and labs done which means we'll have one less thing to take care of Monday morning. Surprisingly enough, the hospital was not busy. We were in and out and home by 10 in the morning.

Tomorrow is the big day---Gillian's birthday! We'll be leaving for Mobile Infirmary in the morning for my scheduled Cesarean section. My surgery is scheduled for 12:30. In the event that Gillian is in fact the nice and healthy size she's predicted to be, Dr. Helen felt that a C-section was a safer option for both me and the baby.

Thank you for all the phone calls and emails throughout the past few days. Bret and I are fortunate to have such caring friends and family. All of the warm wishes and prayers mean the world to us. You guys are the best! Oh and if you have any last minute advice, do share!

Even as Bret eases into his new role as a father tomorrow, I've assigned him one more task---photographer! Amid all the chaos and excitement, Bret will try his best to send an email or post an update to the blog sometime Monday.

My hospital admission bracelets...I'm official!

So excited!

Who knew pregnancy effected your lips, mine are huge! Just kidding---I was attempting to stick out my tongue at the camera but instead it appears that I only gave myself huge Angelina Jolie lips!