Saturday, July 25, 2009

Peace Out

Four decades late for Woodstock (and the moon landing), but Gillian throws up the peace sign for nostalgia immediately after birth as if to say: Peace (I'm) Out! She's certainly no hippy-chick, but Gillian is definitely a peace-ful baby girl. If we left her alone, we're pretty sure she would sleep for six or seven hours. However, since Gillian gets fed every two to three hours, she never gets to show us what a great sleeper she really is. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.

Well, we were finally discharged from the hospital around noon yesterday (Friday). They gave us the option to leave on Thursday, but we opted to remain an extra day based on some sage advice from friends, family, and our favorite OB/GYN. The extra day gave us an opportunity to practice our feeding routines a bit more (with the help of Ms. Sandy), and utilize the nursery room nurses one more time. Although we were a bit stir crazy by the end of the week, we were honestly a bit sad to leave the hospital. We had settled into such a good routine and really enjoyed seeing our favorite nurses every few hours.

Our first full day at home was interesting to say the least. We are trying to establish a new schedule/routine now that we've come home, and it's a little different having everything spread out across the house as opposed to being at an arms length in the hospital room. Although we were tripping over each other in the room, all of the essentials were at your fingertips... or at a nurse's fingertips! We have a running list of things we need from Babies-R-Us that we forgot to get or didn't know we needed. Perhaps the best and worst thing we did was to not buy too much baby stuff before she arrived. We have already learned that she likes some bottles, pacifiers, blankets, and shirts better than others, so we are learning through experimentation and process of elimination. The little snap shirts that Shannon's mom and our friends Rob and Jackie got for us are awesome, and Tracey's advice about the wiper warmer was spot-on... no pun intended. I would have never believed that Gillian would respond differently to cold and warm baby wipes, but she does.

That's all for now. Time to get a bottle ready for our midnight feeding. Hopefully we will have some photos and perhaps even a little video posted tomorrow.