Monday, April 20, 2009

The Last Gift

Although the mister and I first learned that we were expecting in early November, we decided to keep our blessed news a secret until further along in the pregnancy. I also wanted the sharing of the news to coincide with my favorite holiday, Christmas.

Knowing how close we are with my parents, I'm sure you are shocked that we (mainly me) were able to keep such big news a secret. Trust me, I'm right there with you. I'm not even sure how I managed not to slip up and blurt out what's surely the biggest news of my life. I think the fact that the mister and I opted not to share the news with friends and co-workers also made the secret a little easier to keep under wraps.

Christmas is always a gigantic occasion in our family. It begins bright and early with a Christmas breakfast feast followed by hours and hours of opening gifts. For the mister and me this Christmas was filled with even more anticipation than normal as we had news that we were waiting to share. The unopened presents became fewer and fewer until finally nothing but shreds of red and green paper lay strewn across the floor. Everyone assessed their bounty and commenced once more with hugging and heart-felt thank yous. Looking for just the right time, the mister and I decided to wait until later in the day to present our last gift. When everyone went their separate ways, we pulled out the last gift and put it on top of my parents' stack of opened gifts. Hours later when my parents came up to begin the daunting task of putting everything away, the last gift was discovered.

The last gift itself was quite simple, small picture frame ornaments with the words Grandmother and Grandfather inscribed on the top. Inside the frame was our first ultrasound picture of Peanut. As mom and dad opened the gift, we could hardly contain our excitement. Dad saw the Grandfather inscription but didn't see the picture at first. Mom first noticed the ultrasound picture but, like me when I first saw it, didn't know what she was looking at. Then it hit both of them! As if on cue, they looked up at us for confirmation. Yes, mom and dad...we're having a baby!