Sunday, April 19, 2009


After months of promising that we'd start a blog at the request of friends and family, we've finally got one up and running. We're flattered by all the interest in our growing family and look forward to updating this site frequently with all that's new and exciting in the Webb household. I can't help but laugh a little as I type "new and exciting" because Bret and I have often joked that if they were to make a reality show of our lives, it wouldn't attract a single viewer. After all, who's up for watching a couple whose lives consist of work, conversations about our day over a quickly thrown together meal, and lights out before the 10 o'clock news? But with a baby on the way, that's all quickly changing and we seem to add a little more to our to do list each day.

The inspiration for the theme and title of our blog is obvious...GATORS! Of course being the huge Gator fans that we are, we couldn't resist the opportunity to honor our Alma Mater while laying the foundation for the brainwashing...ugh, I meant to say the supporting, that will ensue once our little one is born. Rubbing salt in the still so fresh and often discussed wounds of our Roll Tide compadres is just an added bonus.