Monday, December 6, 2010

Miscellany Monday

shoppy what?

{one} Calling all bloggers and Internet savvy friends, what in tarnation is Shoppy Bag? I've gotten numerous emails from familiar names inviting me to preview a friend's shopping bag! Am I missing out?

it's over...

{two} It's been tough to watch my Gators this year and though I never thought I'd say this, I'm pleased to see this football season come to a close. With no big games left and certainly no hopes of attending any BCS Bowl, it seems the Gators, after a downward spiraling season, may just be destined for the Toilet Bowl. Maybe Santa will bring the Gators some game!

potty humor

{three} As a momma of a 16 month old, I find myself discussing, with great regularity {haha pardon the pun that's about to unfold}, pee and poo! Did she poop today? Can you believe that wet diaper? She had an explosion!---All commonly heard conversation starters around our house. And while I love a little dose of potty humor every once in a while, I couldn't believe my eyes when I came across these two stuffed somethings the other day!


Seriously? Let's just say I hope to never find pee and poo anywhere but Sweet Bean's diaper, yuck!


{four} All little girls know, boys have cooties! As we grow up we learn that it's probably not true, and is just a playground urban legend originated by dad's everywhere in a global effort to keep their tiny sweethearts uninterested in the opposite sex as long as possible! But cooties are real---germs are everywhere! And I was appalled to learn that our cell phones are dirtier than toilet seats, according to one ABC news study. This gives new meaning to the phrase, talk dirty to me! Clorox wipes, anyone?!

{Sorry about the unintended reoccurring theme of this week's Miscellany---I promise to refrain from any mention of the word "toilet" in at least the next dozen or so posts! }

something for nothing

{five} Have you seen these two lovelies?

Stella & Dot, chain necklace
Friedasophie, 14k large Lotus earrings

They can be yours, just enter my two fabulous giveaways going on all week from Stella & Dot and Friedasophie Jewelry! {Click here for Stella & Dot giveaway and here for Friedasophie.}

a no go

{six} Between the temps and the wind yesterday, we didn't stay long at Christmas on the Hill, our neighborhood's holiday celebration. Ready for Gillian Grace's first one on one with the Big Guy, imagine our disappointment to learn that Santa's lap was closed for business! That's right, no sitting on Santa's lap this year, Santa's only interaction with his tiny tot fan club was a two minute sleigh ride through the parking lot and even then the kids had to sit with their parents! Humph! So Mr. Mall Santa here we come! Let's hope "kids on lap" is still in your job description!

Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus...
Say what? No getting on Santa's lap...
But I've been so good!

Just a reminder to all friends participating in our Ornament Exchange, be sure to have your ornaments mailed no later than this Wednesday, the 8th!

Swing by tomorrow to join Daphne and me in this week's edition of Home Tour Tuesday. Tomorrow's theme, Deck the Halls---Show us your Holiday/Christmas Decorations, and Holiday recipe share, will kick off several weeks of holiday themes! Get excited, link up, and show us your Christmas spirit!

Have a good Monday and even better week! 

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Sarah said...

Gotta love the potty talk! Things you never in a million years thought you would be discussing with the hubs over dinner....LOL

Gillian Grace is so adorable!!! I love her Christmas outfit...divine!

Jennifer said...

I am telling you that great minds do think alike....I just happen to be tlaking about pee and poop today too :) Too funny. I think that conversation happens in all homes, not just ours. We just are tough enough to talk about it...LOL! I had heard the thing about the cell phones being dirtier than toilets....yuck!! I think it will need to clean mine more often. Oh, and I went shopping this excited for the ornament exchange!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Shoppy Bag is a virus I believe. I just delete everyone's emails. I get them from people that I have replied to their blog comment from months ago! :)

And yuck @ the ABC study ... I'll definitely be wiping my phone down more regularly!

Jillian said...

Thanks for visiting my blog:) Your daughter is adorable!! The pee and poop thing is hilarious!

Joni said...

i laughed out loud over those stuffed "items". i can just picture a small child becoming attached to one of those, never wanting to go anywhere without it and being questioned as to what it is out in public. imagine those reactions! too funny!

flip flops and pearls said...

Hey S,

OMGAWD!!! Who would think to creat suck stuff things? (can't call them toys, lol) Ha, I know what I am getting ya for Christmas!!!

Hate to hear about the Hill. I haven't been outside really since I returned....ugh this weather is going to be my DOOM.

Never knew that about the phone. Great. I am such a germaphobe as it is. I about fell out when the lady at the nail salon put my purse on the ground, (((GASP))) I quickly picked it up:) {not to mention it was my new louis! HELLO!!!}


Kelly @ Blessed Mommy, Blessed Wife said...

That's such a sad pic of Urban but it about sums it up - here's to hoping next year is a turnaround :) I've heard that about the cell phone and I am a freak about wiping it down now. Between that and the steering wheel, I should own stock in disinfectant wipes! That's lame about Santa...good luck w/ the mall one. I was soooo glad we went early - the one at our "good" mall has crazy lines now! Happy Monday! xoxo, Kelly

Candace said...

I too am super glad football season is over! We didn't do too poorly, and we will make our appearance in Orlando; however, I'm emotionally drained! I get way too involved.

We talk about pee and poo at our house like we talk about the weather...or football, but never in my life will I ever buy the dolls. Ha!

Shame on Santa!

Jennie said...

Good luck with the mall santa! GG looks so adorable in that outfit... I can't believe he didn't hop off his buggy and make one exception :) And pee came up at our house yesterday - out of nowhere, my little guy soaked through his diaper, my clothes, and left a puddle on the floor. Ick.

Terri said...

GG is toooooo cute!!! Keller didn't want anything to do with Santa! Maybe next year!

LOL @ poo & pee! I saw the potty chair in the garage this morning and remembered I was gonna start trying with Keller after she started walking. She's walking.

OMG! I haven't bought my ornament yet. Countdown! Note to self: Get a grip!

SassySillySpunky said...

You are not alone in your football disappoitment. My hawks finished the season in a BIG time disappointing way. Just found out last night we will be playing Missouri in the bowl in AZ.

Poor GG not getting to see Santa
:( I can't wait to see pics of her with the jolly guy in the red suit. Hope she does better than Drake did :)

Ashley said...

Can you believe our Gators this year?! At least the Outback bowl is a respectable non-BCS bowl...there's always next year. In all kinds of weather we all stick together for F-L-O-R-I-D-A ! :)

Sara said...

I can't believe there is a stuffed pee and's amazing what people come up with.

Ewww to the germs on cell phones...gross gross gross!!

blueviolet said...

No matter how many cooties are on a cell phone, I'd still lick one front to back before I'd lay a finger on a toilet seat.

Megan said...

Sadly I've never heard of Shoppy Bag... but that's an adorable meeting Santa outfit!

Annie said...

i keep getting those emails as well! i'm not clicking on them though, i have no idea what they are ;)
the stuffed pee and poo are TOO funny! and something i should totally buy for my nephew, my brother would appreciate it, ha!
SUPER cute pictures of your little lady!! she is such a doll, i just love that outfit! too cute!

The Regal Pup said...

Bummer! I wanted to see how she did on Santa's lap! I'll be posting about our 'hood celebration sometime today.

Hope you have a great week!

Mama K said...

I was wondering the same thing about ShoppyBag...they are always in my spam mail though, so I have just ignored them.

I can't believe the Pee and Poo dolls! YUCK! We too constantly have that as the topic of conversation around here :)

Sorry GG didn't get to sit with Santa yet...and she looked sooo adorable! LOVE the Santa hats on her dress!

I will do my best to link up tomorrow, but I've been incredibly busy!! Getting ready for an all day craft fair tomorrow :)

Liz said...

the pee and poop stuffed "animals"??? Unreal. And somewhat disturbing!

Jen said...

Potty training and pulling two least favorite parenting tasks.

Sorry about your Gators...Toilet Bowl...hularious!
We are enjoying the success of Auburn this year. My son's entire Christmas list can be purchased from the Auburn website. So cute!

I'm off to enter the giveaways!
Happy Day!

Jumping Jack said...

Pee and Poop stuffed things - seriously? I bet those make it to a lot of "gag" gift Christmas parties this year! YUCK!

Love GG's outfit. Too cute!

Have a great week!

Kristin said...

GG is darling as always! The carriage rides look so fun!

Ella's Mom said...

The pee and poo dolls are hysterical

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

ok hello...i'm a clorox girl on my phone

poo poo to santa not having a lap sitting...(had to add the poo b/c those stuff toys were nasty!) haha

and my decorations suck..haha i got a lily in the house...maybe one day

Casey said...

The Gators made me sad this year. I miss Tebow :-(

Lisha @ DeLovely Life said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisha @ DeLovely Life said...

Lisha @ DeLovely Life said...
Awww! So true about the potty talk. But ew...I don't need a stuffed turd around..Ha! Your Christmas celebration looked so sweet and Gillian Grace was adorable. And if you could please give Payton and the Colts some game, that'd be great

Ashley said...

I love your miscellany Monday posts. That pee and poo is hysterical. It's insane how much we talk about that stuff as parents tho, right? I'm going to work hard to link up tomorow, each week I want to and haven't pulled it off!

Angie said...

I get the same emails and have been wondering what they are.

The poo and pee thing...hahaha! Hyserical.

I am off to wipe down my phone now...yuck!

GG is so cute... I just love her sweet face!!!

Kristy said...

#3: Noooooo :) Who, oh who, would purchase such a thing?