Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Home Tour Tuesday---Trim the Tree and LOL Designs Giveaway

It's Tuesday and that can only mean one thing---it's Home Tour Tuesday with yours truly and the simply fabulous Miss Daphne from Flip Flop and Pearls! While we're both so excited to have y'all join us, after a few hiccups the last couple weeks, we felt it necessary to post a few helpful tips for those kind enough to join us for this week's tour!

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{six}And last but certainly not least, "If you can't play like a classy gal, then for goodness sakes, get off the playground!"---{Isn't Daphne clever?!}

Gosh with all those rules and such for a second, I felt like I was back in the classroom. So on to something a whole lot more fun, this week's Home Tour topic--- Trim the Tree (Share 3 to 5 of your favorite Christmas ornaments, plus the story behind what makes them special).

But first, your daily Sweet Bean fix! Aren't these ginormous ornaments just so much fun?

{Our Family Room Tree}

Favorite ornament No. 1---Glass Flip Flop

If I were a shoe, I'd be a flip flop!

S i m p l e.

One glimpse into my closet (or at my feet 9 months out of the year), and you won't have to think long before making the connection as to why this Christmas inspired flip flop ornament ranks among my favorites. Let's just say if "life's a beach" I'm more than prepared for the journey!

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.---Leonardo DaVinci

Favorite ornament No. 2---Baby's First Christmas

This ornament is pretty self-explanatory---it represents our Sweet Bean's first Christmas.  God blessed us with our greatest gift to date, when He brought Gillian Grace into our lives some sixteen months ago. Any and everything that reminds me of our life's greatest joy can't help but be a favorite!

Favorite ornament No. 3---Handstitched Snowflake

Many years ago, (almost 20 to be exact) I cross-stitched this snowflake ornament for my grandmother, and every year thereafter, this hand-made ornament could always be found front and center on her Christmas tree. Since Mama Helen's passing, this ornament, with all it's memories, has made it full circle and is now back home with me.  And there isn't a year that passes that I don't stop and think of my grandmother as I hang this snowflake among the brightly colored ornaments and icicles on our family Christmas tree.

{The Dining Room Tree}
Our dining room tree is decorated completely in greens, reds, and golds.

Favorite ornament No. 1---Merry Christmas, Y'all!

I purchased this ornament from Ole Bay Mercantile in lovely Fairhope during our first ever Alabama Christmas. As you may have noticed, I have a slight affinity, okay obsession, with the word "y'all"! The second I spotted this ornament in the store, I knew it was meant for my tree!

Favorite ornament(s)---Waterford


After admiring Mom's tree for years, one Christmas several years ago, she began giving me a Waterford ornament each year as one of my presents! To date, I have over 100 of these beautiful Waterford ornaments, most of which have been gifts from family and friends! What can I say? I surround myself with people that have superb taste! {Wink, wink!}

{Sweet Bean's Tree}  
Since Gillian Grace was too young last year, her first Christmas, to really appreciate a tree, we waited until this year to purchase a tot-sized tree for her bedroom. From the second the tree went up, Bean has been captivated by its colorful lights and playful ornaments!

Favorite ornament No. 1---Elmo

It wouldn't be Bean's tree without ornaments of her favorite pal, Elmo, or Elbow as she so lovingly refers to him. Hob Lob (the latest nickname for Hobby Lobby making the rounds on the bloggy circuit) had several Sesame Street themed ornaments and we bought them all!

Favorite ornament(s)---Candy


Besides decorating with a few of  GG's favorite characters, I used a ton of ornaments from Target to finish off my sweet theme for the tree!

And just like with the other trees in our home, Sweet Bean's tree is topped with a handmade bow in coordinating colors.

Don't you just love Christmas? Okay, now let the Parade of Homes begin! Grab our badge and be sure to link up with your post for this week's Home Tour Tuesday. Daphne and I can't wait to see how you trim your tree!

Now as though this post wasn't long enough, check out this fabulous giveaway from LOL Designs.

Giveaway Scoop

I think most everyone can agree that for as much fun as the Christmas season can be, it is also the busiest time of year! And while you don't need anything "more" to do, I know most of you have a few minutes to spare to find out about my newest giveaway from Jennifer at LOL Designs.

In her own words---
"LOL Designs is a lifetime result of being the Martha Stewart out of my 20 something girlfriends. I loved making things for friends and family and finally turned it into a business. My favorite things to do are make accessories and baby onesies. I love new challenges to anything you might want to make I'd love to make them for you. LOL Designs is really me in my craft room Laughing Out Loud at myself because I enjoy what I do and have lots of fun doing it."

Thanks to Jennifer, one Webbisodes reader will win a $20 gift certificate to her Etsy shop! And with so many wonderful items to choose from, from baby onesies to beautiful fabric flower necklaces, your only problem may be choosing how to spend your win!

The Scoop

{Please click here to enter this giveaway.  I am trying to keep all entries for this giveaway separate from comments left for Home Tour Tuesday.  I've created a post just for the LOL Giveaway entries. Comments left on this post will be deleted.  Thanks!}

Mandatory entry
{one} Visit LOL Designs and leave a comment here about your favorite item.

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{Remember leave all entry comments here , not on this post, to be eligible for this giveaway.}

Good luck! Giveaway will end midnight on 12/19!


Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Your house is so lovely!

And, those little tie-shirts are so adorable.

flip flops and pearls said...

Sweet sweet GG!!
AHHH I love that flip flop ornament...I think I need it:)
Love all the tress S!! I need to blog little man's mini- Saints tree! Just realized it didn't make he post!

Have a great one!

Cory said...

Such a cutie in front of the BIG ornaments!! And i LOVE your "Merry Christmas Y'all" ornament! I really need to find one of those for myself.. it sounds just like me! I have lots of fall decorations that say "happy fall y'all". LOVE IT!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Beautiful tree! Love the "Merry Christmas Y'all" ornament!

Mama K said...

GG has the best clothes! That dress is adorable and of course she makes it cuter!

I love all of your trees...such a great idea to put one in her room! My favorite is the snowflake you made for your grandmother...I love sentimental stuff!

Heather said...

Your decorations and taste are impeccable! Love it all! Waterford ornaments, WOW! Didn't know they even made those... what great hand-me-downs! Looking thru those pics, we have very similar taste - I notice the same decorations in both of our houses, and that little Candy Cane dress Sweet Bean is wearing, my mom bought for her 2 weeks ago!! LOVE IT!! Super excited to be following your blog, and participating in HTT! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful trees! I love them all! I wanted to get a tree for my lil bit's room, but time got away from me this year. I am inspired now! Merry Christmas!

Kerri said...

I love all of the color in your tree! I must add some to mine :)thanks for the fun link up!
New follower from FF&P/HTT

The Regal Pup said...

I love all of your trees. How do you make those bows? DIY post please!?! :) Are Christmas decorations are scarce this year, but next year, I will definitely link up and play along.

Hope you have a great day!

Cool Gal said...

Your trees are so beautiful. I love the Waterford ornaments (*sigh* that white and red one) and the flip-flop one is fabulous. If I were a shoe, that's what I'd pick, too!

I adore the tree for "Sweet Bean." How clever. I bet she absolutely loves her own tree. Decorated perfectly!

Happy Tuesday!

I played along, by the way! Yay!

Busy Mom said...

I knew FF&P would be wanting your ornament! I love the Merry Christmas, Y'all!! Every tree must have one!

have a wonderful day! and thanks for the b'day wishes for Number 1. He had a great day and is LOVING driving me around town. Of course it is making son number 2 a little nervous!:O)

I Do Declare said...

Love your dining room tree! Love that you have candy on GG's tree. My tree in my room at my mom's house is Hard Candy Christmas themed (yes, like the Dolly Parton song!). When I got married, she added peanut butter cups to it b/c those are D's favorite!

Also, want GG's dress with the candy canes. Love it!! Love her wardrobe SO much!

Suze said...

GG is just sooo cute i could squeeze her!!!! love her dress as always!!!

your christmas tree's are sooo beautifully decorated and that is absolutely a great idea let GG have her very own tree! I remember when i had my own and i thought it was so neat it was my size and i could touch the stuff on it and not get in trouble lol. And put big bird on there because i couldnt on " moms" trees lol. Ahh come decorate my house... you hire out ha :)

hope you have a great tuesday!

Mateya said...

Oh I LOVE that sweet little dress Gillian is wearing...toooo cute!

The trees are beautiful!

Jumping Jack said...

I love GG's dress and the huge ornaments!

3 trees?? Girl are you crazy? Where do you find the time? I love them all!! I really love the Merry Christmas Yall ornament and GG's bright and cheery girlie tree is just precious! The handmade snowflake is so sweet. Gillian will be so proud to someday have that hanging at her house.

Hope you're having a good day so far!

Jennifer said...

I am so ashamed now....you have 3 trees up and I can't even manage to get up one!! My favorite one of all is GG's. I am sure my boys would be loving a mini tree with the candy of Elmo. I am so with you on the flip flop. I wish I couldwear them all year round. I hate socks...I wear my Uggs with no socks just for the reason :) And the snowflake the reminds you of your grandmother...so sweet. It will forever mean something to you. And when GG gets older, I am sure she will hang it on her tree. Oh, and GG with those gi-normous ornaments...priceless. So perfect for todays' HTT. Sorry I couldn't link up :) I will checking out everyone else though :)

Jumping Jack said...

Oh, and I would love a bow tutorial too! Yours are beautiful! That's what I really wanted on top on my tree this year, but didn't know how to make one!

Susan said...

Wow! Three trees, you rock. GG looks like Santa's perfect little helper, so cute.
I love her Christmas tutu, it's so her.

Traci said...

I love GG's outfit & those huge ornaments! What great pictures. All of your trees are so pretty. Love love the Waterford ornaments. Merry Christmas Y'all would look FAB on my tree!!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I love how you have a tree in GG's room! We did that one year with Dylan, but never again.

Lindsay said...

I LOVE GG's outfit. She is so stylish that little munchkin. :) AND I LIKE LOL on face book. Love her things!

Cherise said...

I love ALL your trees! Great post!

Liz said...

first, i love the cascading ribbons. second, i love that you have one with the word, "Ya'll" on it!

Karen At Home said...

Hi Shannon! Finally getting around to actually enjoying the tour tonight! I love all of the trees in your home, especially GG's. Where did you get the elmo ornament? I am going to have to pick up J one of those!! I love that you and my friend Heather both have candy ornaments from Target in your trees! Great minds think alike! Have a good night, thank you for hosting such a fun home tour today!


Ashley said...

All three trees are so pretty! Great ornaments too!

Uyen said...

beautiful home and decorations! I love how each of the ornaments means something to you and your family. However, I especially love the pictures of your baby and the big ornaments too!

Ruth said...

All three of the trees are beautiful.
Your daughter playing with the big ornaments is so cute.