Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Home Tour Tuesday---Whatcha Watchin'

Hey friends! Welcome to this week's installment {better late than never} of Home Tour Tuesday with Miss Daphne and yours truly.

I'm happy to report that I am now one day soda free {Woot! Woot!} But, there is definitely a downside to going cold turkey---caffeine withdrawal headaches! Yikes!

With busy morning complete with Sweet Bean's Kindermusik and lunch with Dad, not to mention the mind-numbing whopper of a headache that has barely subsided despite a dose of Excederin and bottle of water, this will be a quick post!

But before I get to this week's theme: Whatcha Watchin'?---Show us your tv/family room, I wanted to share something that I recently discovered.

Online discount shopping clubs are such a popular trend right now and I see invites and posts popping up left and right tempting our fingers to click and wallets to spend. Well, if you haven't heard of it, or simply haven't gotten around to checking it out, here's one more site to add to your must-sees, Joss & Main. Joss & Main is one of the newest sites I've discovered that focuses solely on home decorating, yippee!

If you'd like to join or just check it, click here or below to receive your invitation.

Joss & Main

Neat, right?

Okay, now onto my family/living/tv room.

Though she's the center of our world, we occasionally get to watch a little more than just Sweet Bean television. *Note, the key word is "occasionally."

Call it a guilty pleasure or trash tv, but I do love The Bachelor! Any thoughts on last night's episode?

As you can see, much of our DVR is full of GG programming, from Sesame Street to her Disney Channel favorites! But, Bret and I do manage to squeeze a space for a few of our favorite recordings from time to time.

Even though we often don't get to watch them until weeks later, these are among some of our {okay, my} favorite television shows: The Bachelor, The Defenders, Castle, Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives, Blue Bloods, Survivor, American Idol, the Real Housewives series, and Top Chef. Of course we do find our remote landing on a whole lot of HGTV since we continue to be obsessed with all things for the home. But even with all the great shows currently on the air, we still find ourselves channel surfing hoping to catch reruns of some of our favorites from years gone by: Will & Grace, Friends, Seinfeld, Gilmore Girls, King of Queens, and Everybody Loves Raymond.

So if it wasn't completely obvious, I admit to loving television! It's my escape and a chance for me to relax at the end of the day. So don't judge, you know you love it too!

Now, y'all watcha watchin'?

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Virginia Belle said...

I love your family room. The leather chairs are gorgeous! I also love The Bachelor and Castle and cannot get enough of HGTV :)

Daphne (Flip Flops and Pearls) said...

Gurl...ya tardy to the party? lol

I was late this am also. LIFE!

I love that room....love the built ins and the arch doorway!! Beautiful floors and love the color of the walls.

GG TV....that has a good ring to it! That is too funny. I wish to God I could work our DVR. I have weeks of DOOL that I don;t know how to watch, LOL!

Have a great day girl & I hope you feel better soon without all the colas :(

Shannon, I hope your day is blessed friend ♥ D

carimarie said...

I'm new to your blog and love it! Your TV room looks nice, I find myself watching everything on my laptop on Hulu.com when I have time LOL My fave shows are the Bachelor as well...I think its going to be either Chantel or Emily :) I also love The Amazing Race, Parenthood, and Modern Family!

Jennifer said...

You are a hoot....so glad you are soda free...even if it is only one day so far :) You can do it...you are in control (like the pep talk..LOL)! Love your tv room...I have told you a million times...you have an amazing sense for home decor. I love it all....can you come help me out?? My tastes have changed over the years and now to try and re-do everything is a long and expensive process. We will get there though. And don't feel bad...my DVR is the same. The kids shows dominate the tv always. That is why I watch tv when they are all in bed...at 11pm! Are you excited for the Housewives of Miami tonite?? We will have to chat about it tomorrow :)

Sweet Carolina Girl said...

I love your family room! It looks so great! That cracks me up that GG has the most shows on DVR! I watch the bachelor and American Idol too!
Emily is definitely my favorite on the Bachelor but i just have a feeling she might not make it :( I hope she does though!

Kristy said...

Oh wow, I love the idea of the chandeliers in the living room! We just gotta have a ceiling fan though

Candice said...

Your home so gorgeous. I love this series of posts!!

Traci said...

Very pretty room! I watch all the Housewives & I love Million Dollar Listing & Bethenny. Those are the things I watch by myself. Me & the hubs like Two & a Half Men, Big Bang Theory, NCIS, Grey's. I didn't realize I watched so much tv! HA!

Cool Gal said...

Your family room is gorgeous. So neat and tidy. Looks like a very comfy place.

We like a lot of the same show. Were you at all surprised Brad dumped Chantal last night? I sorta thought he was going to get rid of Ashley.

Happy Tuesday!

Yes, I'll admit I watch a lot of tv at night. It relaxes me at the end of the day. :)

Karen At Home said...

Girl, I didn't know you were a Bachelor fan too!!! We need to talk!!!
I had a feeling he was going to send Shawntel home, I really don't think he wanted to interfere with her career path and I really didn't see the sparks between them either. I think all along it's been Emily and the producers are having a hard time throwing us off this one. I think Ashley is going home next week.
So excited to be linking up today!! Talk to you soon.


The White House said...

"tardy to the party!" LOL!! she's such a nut!

Love your living room! I think my fave are the chandeliers! So pretty!! Keller watches a lot of cartoons too! It's the ONLY way I can get anything done around the house!!!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Love your family room! Very simple and classy :)

Bean IS very important ... so I am NOT surprised that her shows are the main thing on the DVR!! :)

Have a great day you two! Xoxo

Kristin said...

Love your room!

Shannon, have you signed up for http://BabyDealsDujour.com ?

They track ALL of the baby daily deals and list the member only ones on the blog. It's so addicting!!!

Candace said...

I just love your home. Your taste and style is so my own except I struggle with decorating mine! I need to hire you!

Not to mention - your DVR menu looks much like mine, and thank the good Lord for DVR!

The Regal Pup said...

I love television too - just wish we had cable! That's a post for another day though, that I keep meaning to do on my blog. I am a Real Housewives addict, the most, I think... :) :) :)

Have a great day - my sweet one is refusing to nap. Boo.

Kristin said...

Love your light fixtures!

Lea said...

Oh, caffine withdrawal is the PITS! Bless your heart!

Your room is beautiful, like something out of a magazine.

Enjoying this so much! Have I missed a tour of the kitchen? Just wondering as I haven't seen it and wondered it it happened a while back.

Blessings to you!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

my room is lame or i'd show it..

as for soda..i'm a huge freak for dr pepper and would drink a million a day...i found Fresco (coke product) in peach citrus or black cherry to be really good. they are zero cal and zero sugar..and have the fizzy of the soda....

Telia said...

Shannon! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and loving my room! Yours is beautiful too! And what about that little person of yours!! And I love your blog... I'm your newest foller!

Telia, NewlyWedWifeLife

Annie said...

i am loving everything about your living room!! it looks so comfy and cozy! and i love the big chandelier/light fixtures!!

Katie Jones said...

First of all, I love your house. It is so my style!

Secondly, I'm so sad that I'm a big fat lazy bum and cant get my act together long enough to join in on this home tour fun! But I'm enjoying looking through all of the posts!

Just Jennifer said...

My first link up! But I can't figure how to post the button... yeah I'm special like that!

And you are a brave woman going cold turkey on the soda!

- - Little Miss Martha - - said...

Love the family room! So clean and comfy! Thanks for hosting! I linked up a bit late...meant to do it last night! We all know how that goes!

Kitchen Belleicious said...

I love your living room, so inviting and I do have a guilty pleasure in the bachelor and housewives show ( but only the new york one). Anyway, I am not surprised he sent chantel n. home but I just don't like chantel o. for some reason. I don't know what it is?

Pigtails and Bowties said...

Oh, I love it all!!! Especially the clock :) (And the Bachelor;))


Ruth said...

I love your family room. I love most of those shows too.
I need to check out Joss & Main this weekend

Mungee's Ma said...

I know I've told you this before, but I am in LOVE with your house! Seriously, it should be featured in a magazine.

I tend to commandeer the DVR with my shows: Toddlers & Tiaras (I only watch for the crazy), Law & Order SVU, American Idol, Chuck, Heavy, Hoarders, various HGTV shows, I could go on, but I should probably stop ...