Monday, July 12, 2010

Not-So Miscellany Monday---Chicago?

{ONE} I find myself in a state of perpetual indecision.

{TWO} After receiving a trip to Chicago for an anniversary present from my hubby {I know amazing gift, right?} I have yet to give him the green light and commit to going.

Find image here.

{THREE} The inside of my head sounds like a Clash song! Should I stay or should I go? If I go there will be trouble. And if I stay it will be double...This indecision’s certainly bugging me!

{FOUR} I feel like a bad end to a summer romance. You know, the whole it's not you it's me cliche. As horrible as it sounds, my concern is not for Gillian Grace. I know that leaving her with my mom and dad {Gammie and Grandad} means that she will be well taken care of, if not in fact, spoiled rotten. I'm more concerned with how I will handle the time away from her. Having never been away from Beans for more than a few hours, much less overnight, a 3 day trip seems like a lot!



Though I take a ton of pictures, I realized I need more of GG with family! That's a new priority!

{FIVE} And complicating the situation even more, the early birthday surprise Bret threw into the mix. Can you say, Bon Jovi LIVE at Solider Field?!

It may not be the best quality, but it's still a picture of Bon Jovi. I snapped this at a concert in Fort Lauderdale several years ago.

{SIX} Am I shirking my mommy duties if I go? Will I regret it if I don't?

I love my Gillybean!

{SEVEN} Part of me does smile at the thought of wearing something other than poop as an accessory for a change. {Recently, I went through an entire day before discovering that I had a glob of poo on my shirt! And you thought Heidi Klum was a fashion icon!}

So come on and let me know, should I stay or should I go?


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Sarah Ann said...

I think you should go!!! You are a good mommy because you care so much but from what I hear (not having one yet ourselves) time spent alone with the hubs makes you a better parent!

Reynie @ Southern Girl Rambling said...

Girl, it's BON JOVI!!! Why are you even asking? BON JOVI!! Should I say it one more time--BON JOVI!!!

Meant to be a mom said...

What a great gift. Oh you should definitely go. Its important to take some time for your hubby and you alone every once in a while. I'm so like you though. I hate leaving my baby even for an evening but I'm getting better. Sometimes its hard but nice to get away with the hubs.

You should go, have fun, and call every other hour and check on your sweet and tiny. :)

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Go! I just went last week, and it was the first time leaving the girlies for that long, but it was so worth it! You'll miss them, but it's so good for your relationship. Trust me! :)

P.S. I've got an award for you tomorrow. :)

Mary M. B. said...

Go with your husband and enjoy yourself. It is important to always nurture the relationship with your hubby....GG will benefit from that!!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I think you should go! You are a wonderful mom and just think of the reunion you and GG will have when you get home. That moment will be worth it!
I think it's so funny that you call her Beans. I'm constantly calling Lexie "Bean."

Brandy said...

You should definitely go! But I too struggle with the mear thought of being away from Jack overnight! I have severe mommy guilt during the occassional happy hour or date night, for goodness sake! HA!

But GO and HAVE FUN!!

mama k said...

I know that is such a hard decision!! But, I would definitely say go! You need that alone time with your hubby and you will have lots of fun even if you spend most of your time calling home checking on GG! :)

I Do Declare said...

Girl, you have got to go!!! Have you ever seen JBJ in concert??? It's one of the best shows ever... I have great memories of weekends being spoiled by my grandparents...and just as you deserve some time away, GG deserves those weekends w/ her grandparents that love her so. You're always just a plane ride away...b/c as Jon Bon Jovi says, Who says you can't go home[if you miss the GG more than you can stand it]? Hee! Go!

Carey said...

I can so relate with you! We didn't leave Miss E overnight with anyone until she was 15 months old. My hubby got us tickets to a Pro Tennis tournament in Memphis and we were gone for three days. I was a little torn too. However getting away with my man and sleeping in and getting all dressed up was sooo worth it! I won't lie, I missed my girl and gave her so many kisses when we got back! But that time to reconnect just the two of us was much needed and unforgetable!
Go Girl Go! :)
(by the way, I did not feel guilty for leaving her for a couple days either...I'm with her every single day and she knows how much I love her :)

sara said...

I definitely think you should GO! I'm not going to lie to you - that first trip away from your daughter can be hard at times, and there were a few tears involved for us (all on my end). But it is so important that you and your husband get away and have some time as a couple - you'll be refreshed afterwards!

And HELLO - Jon Bon Jovi!

Christine said...

GO!!! It sounds like so much fun and a few days away from your little lady will be ok. :) Plus, I'm here in MI and then you can swing by. Mmmkay.