Monday, June 28, 2010

Miscellany Monday

{1} It's Monday and that can only mean one thing...back to work! Just kidding, every stay-at-home mom knows there's no such thing as a weekend off, we're always working! Monday means it's time for a Mommy and Me picture. It's been a while and we've been so busy around here that I have little choice but to make the best of the few pictures I have of my munchkin and me, good or bad!

This would be an example of a BAD one (at least of me anyway...)

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

{2} Good news! Heather is the winner of the On Top Baby Bows giveaway! Please email me by Wednesday to claim your fabulous prize! Congratulations!


{3} Email is wonderful, but like laundry if left unchecked it has a tendency to quickly pile up. This past week during my brief bloggy vacay, I unplugged completely. For two full days I did not so much as open my laptop, only to return home and discover a whopping 362 messages in my inbox. Holy communication overload, Batman!


{4} Vacation season is in full swing! Never a fan of flying, one trip has us scheduled to hit the skies in late July. Destination: The Windy City!


{5} There wasn't any wind to speak of but even the slightest breeze would've knocked me over last week as I opened my anniversary gift. Let's just say Bret truly outdid himself this year! {More details in a future post!}

{6} It's all in the details and with GG's first birthday less than a month away, there's so much to do! Currently our guest room looks like the backroom of Party City.


{7} I've been racking my brain trying to think of ways to keep the kiddos attending Gillian Grace's birthday party entertained. Please send any ideas and suggestions my way!

{8} May I make a suggestion? If you're planning a summer trip to our area {the Gulf Coast}, you might want to reconsider. No thanks to bureaucratic politics in Washington and the good-for-nothing folks at BP, the oil has finally reached our beaches. What was once just a nightmare, has become reality and making matters worse is the fact we know that this is only the beginning. It's hard to tell which birthday GG will be celebrating by the time this wrong is finally made right.

Find image here

{9} Beginning this week, the wait is over! Eclipse, the third movie in the Twilight saga, hits theaters Wednesday. Though I never would've thought I'd be a fan, I can't wait to see this movie! I see a date night in my future!


{10} I'm a huge fan of this week's featured commenter, Jennifer. She puts the real in NY Housewives.


{11} Even though I hope you visit every day, be sure to check in on Thursday, July 1st. I'm unveiling a really big surprise that will hopefully be a bright spot in your day! Here's sneak peak...


{12} Thanks, Torie from Life with Rylie for passing along the Sunshine award. Awards from bloggy friends always brighten my mood!


Make it a great week, y'all!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters



ashley said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have fun in the Windy City, I'm terrified of flying as well. I have never been as of yet, I'm hoping my daughter will want to go somewhere one day out of driving distance so I'll have to conquer that fear. What theme are you doing for your daughter's birthday party?? We're starting to plan ours too.

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

She is so cute in her hat! Madison won't wear anything thing on her little bald head, such a bummer! I'm leaving for the windy city wednesday and I can confirm it's name because the last time I was there the wind blew up my dress for the whole world to see. :)

liz said...

The 362 emails in your inbox had me laughing! It's crazy, isn't it? You'll be interested to know that Chicago got that name NOT from wind, but from "windy" politicians. :)

Jennifer said...

Yrah...thanks for featuring me in your blog :) I am cracking up at your back room looking like Party City. That was me a few months back. What age are the kids that are coming? I will email you and tell you some of the things I did. Excited to hear more about her party. The beach upsetting :(

Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

I hope y'all have a great time in Chicago!!! One of my good friends lives there and I need to get up there to visit her someday!!! I'm hoping for August. We are actually traveling to the Gulf Coast on Wednesday for the Jimmy Buffett benefit concert. I am so sad about the whole situation but I hope that this concert will bring money to the area to help the clean up process. Have a great Monday!!

Mary M. B. said...

See---posted my comment on wrong blog entry...But, do know how to cut and paste and try again! :)
Shannon, I don't know if I already posted this to you, but this blog is amazing! You are so creative and I don't know how you do most of what you are doing computerwise on your blog! Well written, clever, funny! You should think about writing a book!

Happy Birthday to GG!!! I always found that water and water toys kept little ones busy at birthday parties!
Have fun in Chicago! Jim was there on a conference a while back and loved it! I am sure that you know there is an American Girl store there! Dagni and DeeDee took their girls there for lunch! They said it was an amazing store!
We are hoping that the oil does not go to Captiva before we do. So tragic!
Take care, Mary

Gianna said...

cute miscellaneous things! especially like the eclipse one - I read the book, and it is really good. Have you read any of the series?


Sweet Southern Prep said...

Great pic of you two. That bathing suit is so cute! Does she have goggles on her head? Too funny! :)

As for keeping the kiddos busy at her party, just have lots of toys out. That's what I did at W's. That will keep them occupied.

Good luck on getting everything prepped for the party. I can't wait to see pics. Have you decided what you're going to wear?

Jenny said...

Just found your blog through Mommy and Me Monday. I love her hat...too cute!

Rana said...

Stopping by from Mommy and me mondays. She looks so cute in her suit.

SassySillySpunky said...

Our guest room looks just like yours! A good cross between a party store and Toys R Us!

We LOVE the windy city! Hope you all have a GREAT trip!!

You are one popular girl with over 300 e-mails in 2 days! I'm going through an e-mail declutter myself and have started to unsubscribe from all the company e-mails I don't want. It feels good to be getting rid of junk e-mails!

Rachel said...

I think the picture of the two of you is fabulous!!

Ideas to keep little ones entertained? I'll have to think. But do NOT purchase those shiny sequins for the table. I have learned to loathe those tiny objects after going through our hospital stay with Samuel. And to make it my mission to ban them.

I can't wait to find out what your secret is. Looks very intriguing.

Have a great Monday!

Heather said...

I emailed you, so let me know if you didn't get it.

I hear ya about the Gulf Coast. I'm not looking forward to what the hurricane season is going to do for us. :o(

chubskulit said...

Enjoy your vacation!

My Mommy & Me Monday entry.

Sarah Ann said...

That's such a cute picture!! And yes, email piles up so quickly! Hope you enjoyed your vacay!

James and Heather said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Your little girl is adorable!!

DORCAS said...

Your daughter is adorable! Thanks for sharing your randomness!



Krystyn said...

Hey, I think the first picture is great! Life in action!

And, the beaches? That is truly very sad, isn't it?

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

can't help w/party ideas...the only kids that were invited to lily's 1st were her age...they all just stood and played w/her toys! haha

Kelly @ Blessed Mommy & Wife said...

You're a Gator! No wonder I like your blog :) I didn't go to UF but my brother got his PhD there so we're a Gator family! My in-laws are Seminoles!

I hear you about email piling up when you disconnect. It's a great thing to do once in a while though!

mama k said...

I would love to know the theme for your daughter's party as well! I'm sure my house will look like that pretty soon with party planning in a couple of months! I love new followers...thanks for joining!!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

what a great blog! I think your pic is cute and the beach things is terribly sad. I am so sorry you have to deal with that.

Bree said...

Great post and I think that is a good picture! I haven't been on mommy and me Monday's in a while.

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

total sadness about your beaches!!! i hope that gigantic boat that is making it's way to the gulf is allowed to skim the waters!

love the mommy and me pic... so presh! the windy city vacay sounds so fun!

sara said...

Thanks for checking out my blog, and becoming a follower! Your blog is great, and your little girl is adorable! Have fun with the birthday planning, that first birthday party is SO much fun. Jealous that you will be able to get your husband to go for a date night to see Eclipse - I'm going to have to catch it with a friend, my husband teases me and asks if I'm regressing to high school reading those books, ha ha!

Francis said...

I love that picture of you and GG ITS SOO CUTE!! and my closet is full of party supplies& crafts for Kayla's bday party!.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I hope you have a great vacation!
One birthday party activity that I always do is foam crafts. I always buy a bunch of foam craft kits from the craft store, and set up a table with them. There are so many fun options-visors were a well liked one for us!
I'm so excited for Eclipse!

Melissa said...

Sounds like you are having a great summer...can't wait for some of the impending details that you've mentioned!!